A line of cyclos on a Hue roadMotorbikes and bicycles forming a crowd at a bridge in HueHorse carriage used as a taxiScooters in traffic

Getting around Hue; taxis, buses, trains, public transport

There are many ways to get around this ancient city. Perhaps the most popular ones are not what we would have expected, such as taxis or buses, but those less frequent in big cities, such as scooters and bikes. These are some information that are meant to assist visitors when deciding about the mode of transportation in Hue:

By bus

There are 15 buses on seven routes including Thuan An – Phu Vang, An Lo – the Northern Bus Station, city center, the Northern Bus Station – Phu Bai Industry, the Southern Bus Station – Phu Bai with the frequency of 30 to 60 minutes per trip.
Two routes that are in the experimental progress are Bao Vinh- Thuy Bieu and Phu Hau – Huong Ho. The price range is from 3.000 VND to 5.000 VND (Vietnamese Dong), which is about 13 to 22 US Cents. The buses run from 5 A.M to 18 P.M daily depending on routes.


Like in the rest of the country, taxis in Hue are also divided into two types: “official” and “unofficial” taxi.
“Official” taxi refers to the taxi corporations who have high and consistent quality at a reasonable price. They are credible, safe, apparent in calculating fee and somehow cheaper.
The other type of taxi is “unofficial” taxi, which often belongs to individual drivers. The fact is that this type of taxi is poor in quality and services, unreliable and vague in fee calculation, or they don't even have meters. Also, the safety of these taxis is a serious problem, as the “unofficial” taxi drivers tend to run rapidly and carelessly.
The best advice here is to simple avoid the “unofficial” taxis, and just look for the nearest “official” taxi station. These taxis are easy to recognize, as they are mainly many vehicles of the same type and-or color, e.g. white and green taxis.

Other modes of transportation

There are also motorbikes and cyclos always available here. Additionally, bicycles are readily available and cheap in Hue where you can ride your bike nearly everywhere except the Forbidden City.
Scooter rentals are also available with the price range from $8 to $10. License will not be checked or required; only passport is necessary.
Of course, like in other Vietnamese cities, there are also the popular “xe-om”s in every corner of Hue. Xe-om is, (pronounced “say ohm”), is an informal word that Vietnamese use to refer to “motor-taxi”. It is also extremely easy to find a “xe-om” driver- all one needs to do is go to practically any corner in any street, and a driver will approach them. Generally, the price depends on the distance, the quality of the road, or even the weather. VND 10000-15000 (50 to 75 US cents) per kilometer is reasonable. All “xe-om”s are fully equipped for passengers so there is no need for one to bring their own helmet.
As for the prices of renting bicycles, motorbikes, or cyclos, it is pretty much impossible to give an exact amount, since the price depends almost entirely on the bargaining skills of a visitor. Train station exists in the city, but the trains only arrive and depart from and to other Vietnamese cities.