Bars, clubs, restaurants and entertainment in Hue

Meant to be mostly about relaxing vacations at beautiful surrounding beaches and historical sightseeing, Hue is not known for its nightlife, but still offers a fair amount of entertainment for those who like to “take it easy” on their vacation. There is no shortage of bars and restaurants with original Vietnamese cuisine, though.
Authentic food, expectedly comprised of mainly rice and different spices, like “com hen”- rice with baby clams, banh bot loc (rice pastry with meat and shrimp), banh la cha tom (soft pastry wrapped in leaves with meat, shrimp, and egg), banh hot thit quay (roast pork pastry), banh la (sweet sticky rice wrapped in leaves), Bun thit nuong (rice vermicelli with grilled meat), Bun bo gio heo (rice vermicelli with beef and pork), and similar, is a real refreshing surprise for many tourists unaccustomed to a specific Vietnamese cuisine. Hue is also famous for its extraordinary special “che”- sweet soups.

Banh Bot loc dishDMZ Bar&RestaurantShow at Hue Festival 2012

Bars and restaurants

  DMZ Bar & Restaurant- this restaurant, named after the demilitarized zone that once separated two sides of a country at war, has a huge menu of international food. Margarita and ice cold beer are jus two among numerous beverages here. The bar features both animated indoor and windy outdoor space on the second floor, which offers nice view to the street below. Free pool, free Wi-Fi, modern music and very affordable prices make this place very popular with backpackers. In addition, one can book tours around Vietnam and to bordering countries right here.
  Brown Eyes Chillout Bar-this bar has a large cocktail menu and offers a free drink and snack when you arrive. Pool table is a good place to socialize, not only among foreign tourists, but with locals also. Playing Jenga, a classic block-stacking game, which are very popular in the Southeast Asia, is another way to have fun, and friendly staffs here are willing to play with customers. Happy hours from 5pm to 10pm give 2 for 1 drink.
  Mandarin Café –located at the centre of Hue's backpacking community, this quiet cafe serves up cheap Vietnamese and Western dishes, and also hosts a desk, where boat trips, car/bike hire, and tour information can be required.
  Ngo Co Nhan- a good place to stop on a sightseeing tour around the Citadel. The restaurant offers good local food at favorable prices. One can spend as little as $3 on average for a tasty and full meal. Opening hours from 8.00am to 10.00pm allow tourists to come here for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A hot bowl of Hue-style beef noodle is recommended for breakfast.
Cathi Bar and Restaurant- It only costs about $18 for a tasty meal with six courses and drinks for two people at this restaurant. Melon dish and fried rice are good main courses, while mango pancake is a nice choice for dessert. Opening hours are 10:30AM - 10:30PM.
  Hung Vuong Inn- known as a French-style breakfast place for tourists in Hue. Professional English speaking staff make it a pretty popular place with tourists.
  Little Cargo Restaurant -a European restaurant in Hue. This makes it a place where many locals as well as tourists go when they want to experience European cuisine, from French to Italian and Spanish. Of course, local Vietnamese dishes are also offered in this restaurant.
  Phuong Nam Café -perhaps the only café in Hue that reminds of similar cafes found all over Europe. It is known locally for the fruit shakes prepared here. Both locals and foreign tourists visit this place, so it can be a good place to mingle around and make small talk with Hue’s residents.

Although it doesn’t really have much of a nightlife, Hue hosts a biennial festival of concerts and other events which is very popular in Vietnam, named simply the Hue Festival. The Festival is held in April and May.
The program is changed for each individual Festival, and this year a variety of exclusive, large-scaled programs will take place during the six days of the Festival: Grand Opening Ceremony, Nam Giao Offering Ritual, Imperial Night spectacle, Presentation of the Quintessence of Hue’s traditional arts, Buddhist Celebration of Universal Illumination, Artistic programs of domestic and international art troupes and Street performances entitled “Heritage and Cultural Colors of East Asia and Latin America”. Many community activities, side events and fringe activities such as the International Gastronomy Fair, International Trade Fair 2016, rock concerts, Hue Poetry Festival, and similar will also be a part of this year’s Festival.
Besides attending the festival in the city, tourists can choose to enjoy sightseeing tours and eco-tours to discover local destinations such as Lang Co Beach, A Luoi mountainous region and Tam Giang Lagoon.
So, obviously, what it lacks in nightlife activities, Hue covers in diverse cultural events and a multitude of restaurants and bars, serving both local and international specialties.