Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Dubai is actually an emirate that is part of the United Arab Emirates, but it is a one-city emirate. It is considered to be the most progressive and most modern emirate of the Emirates. It is constantly developing and attracting a large number of students. It is divided into multiple districts or municipalities.

Getting around Dubai

As it is the case with most developed places you can get in Dubai either by plane, bus or train. In addition, Dubai is also accessible by boat. To get around Dubai, you can take the metro, tram, bus, monorail, taxi, rent a car or get on a boat. 

Explore Dubai

For the tourists, Dubai might be divided into two parts - Old Dubai and Modern Dubai, depending on which one a person prefers. Interesting sights in the old Dubai are the Al Ahmadiya School which is Dubai's first school. Next, the Dubai Museum is a must-see for the people who want to see and learn more about the history of Dubai. One more thing that the one who loves the old must see is the Jumeirah Mosque which is the largest one in the city.

When it comes to the Modern Dubai the first attraction that must be mentioned is the Burj Khalifa. It is the world's tallest structure (828 meters tall). The next thing is definitely the Dubai Fountain which is 270 in length. It is the world's largest dancing fountain. In addition, what must be mentioned is the Burj al-Arab hotel an amazing hotel which might be considered as the only hotel with 7 stars. And last but not least, another amazing attraction in Dubai are the Palm Islands - the three largest artificial islands.

For the traveler that just wants to relax there are endless white sandy beaches with an amazing sea for swimming.