Turkmenistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia and it borders with Iran, Afganistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The capital city of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat. Nearly 80% of the country's landscape belongs to Karakum Desert. 

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The people in Turkmenistan are traditionally nomadic shepherds, but some of them have been living in towns for centuries. What the country is most known about are its carpets and horses. However, the country is pretty poor and it is mostly undeveloped even though some attempts for modernization have been made is Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi and other bigger cities.

But even though it is considered to be a poor and undeveloped country, there are a lot of great sites in Turkmenistan which are amazing. The capital Ashgabat has a lot of great museums and monuments worth visiting. There is also the Karakum Desert and Yangykala Canyon which are great natural sights. Other cities that are worth a visit are Merv, where you can see collections of ruins of ancient cities and the city Konye Urgench which has a huge number of amazing mausoleums.

But the most famous tourist attraction in Turkmenistan is the Door To Hell. It is a natural gas fire which has been burning since 1971.