Unawatuna: Travel/Tourist Guide

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Unawatuna is a beautiful coastal town in Sri Lanka. It is located approximately five kilometers or three point one miles to the southeast of the Galle District. This suburb is considered a major tourist attraction and famous for its sandy beaches and colorful environment. Unawatuna lies 16 feet above sea level and offers a variety of pleasures including cooking classes, surfing activities, swimming, diving, and tasty cuisine. The official language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala. Tamil and English are also commonly used.

Ancient History

Unawatuna has a long history that goes back to the epic Ramayana. This story details the monkey-warrior Hanuman, who traveled to India to find four medicinal herbs to save the life of an abducted princess. The warrior could not find the herbs, so he removed the entire mountain and carried it to the battlefield. During the journey, a piece of the mountain “fell down.” Legend says this piece of the mountain is the shores of the Unawatuna we know today. The word means: "there it fell." 


Unwatuna is a popular destination. Many tourists are attracted to the tropical venues and tempting local delights. Although some areas are quiet and peaceful, the constant hustle and bustle make for lively entertainment day in and day out. Countless visitors mixed with heavy commercialization result in a blend of noisy disco beats, rampant nightlife, and popular events. This has led many to label Unawatuna as Sri Lanka’s: “beach-party capital.”


Unawatuna offers a variety of living accommodations accessible to all types of budgets. It is easy to find guest houses, resorts, local internet cafes, colorful tuk-tuk stands, trendy boutique hotels and more. Modes of transportation within Unawatuna range from tuk-tuks to buses, trains, and private transport by cars, and vans.

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