Kandy, Sri Lanka: Top Best Things To Do

The Temple of the Tooth

It is located at the north of the lake. The golden-roofed Temple of the Tooth houses Sri Lanka’s most important Buddhist relic which is a tooth of Buddha.It is also considered as Sri Lanka’s most holy shrines. It is open from dawn to dusk. It is not possible to review the actual tooth itself, the casket which it is said that the tooth is inside is displayed twice a day. The room is heavily guarded. The best time to see the casket is around 18:30. It is recommended to make sure covering up knees with pants and everything on shoulders. At the entrance, it is also possible to by a shoal for 150 LKR. The temple covers a large area and there are numerous temples and museums within the complex such as Alut Maligawa which is the three-storey shrine hall dispaying dozens of sitting Buddha donated by Thai devotees; 19th century Audience Hall which is at the north inside the compound and accessible only via the Temple of the Tooth; and World Buddhism Museum which is behind the main temple and containing lots of photographs, models and displays illustrating Buddhism around the world.

The Royal Botanical Garden

It is the best botanical garden in Sri Lanka and one of the best in the region. The garden dates back to the ancient kings of the country even though the British changed its appearance. They used the gardens to grow trees that could not be grown at Kew gardens. The main attractions are the large banyan tree, the orchid house, the suspencion bridge and the bats. The entrance for foreigners is LKR 1,100.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

It was established in 1975 for being a home for wounded and abondoned elephants. The number of elephants increased  during the years. Nowadays, it is home to the biggest captive herd of elephants in the world. The best time to visit there is on their feeding or bathing time at the river. There are 70 semi-tame elephants roaming freely around. It is possible to get there by hiring a taxi or tuk-tuk or for budget travellers, by getting a bus.

New Ranweli Spice Garden

It is located about 2 km from the Royal Botanical Garden. It is a place to see and learn about Sri Lankan spices and herbs. Spices can be purchased as a souvenir but buying them is not compulsory. The entrance to the garden is gree and there is a free pick up service from any destination within Kandy and Peradeniya for foreigners.

Bahirawakanda Temple

It is possible to see the Buddha statua from everywhere in Kandy. To get to the temple, a tuk-tuk can be hired or it is just 1 km from Kandy city so it is possible to walk there. The entrance fee is LKR 200.

Udawattakele Royal Forest Sanctuary

It is a forest reserve situated on a hill ridge in the centre of Kandy. It is 104 hectares large. It used to be a royal reserve and the pond near the entrance used to be a royal bathing pond. It is possible to take a trekking activity inside the jungle. The entrance is above Trinity College and Kandy Municipality. The entrance fee for foreigners is Rs 570. It is not recommended for women to wander about alone in the forest.


There are many temples in Kandy which are the main popular sights and worth to visit such as Gadaladeniya, Lankathilaka Viharaya, Embekke Devalaya, Dodanwala Devalaya, Degaldoruwa, Hindagala Viharaya, Madawala Viharaya and Galmaduwa Viharaya.


It is the most famous festival in Kandy. It usually takes place in August. It is possible to but seats which are expensive or to see it with the crowd. The tickts cost around 40 USD.