Galle, Sri Lanka: Nightlife, Bars & Restaurants

In Galle, the closest thing to nightlife can be found 10 km east of town at the Unawatuna Beach Resort.  Inside the Galle Fort area, regular bars will generally not serve alcohol because Fort is home to a collection of schools and religious buildings. Galle doesn’t have much of a nightlife, however it is possible to find good cafes and restaurants in the area around Galle.

The Koha Surf Lounge

The best lounge located in Unawatuna which has great food, live music and a good wive. It is possible to have some drinks, enjoy the food and a walk at the beach.

Blue Note Bar

A typical bar with friendly staff, gamous with is fruit drinks.

The Sydney Hotel

Located near the bus station and opposite the International Cricket Stadium. The beer is cheap, however this place is not very recommended.

Rampart Hotel

It serves both local and international meals and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. By local standards, it might be quite expensive.

Living Room

The most stylish spot of Galle. The place is a bar, a lounge and a designer shop at the same time. Address: 50A Lighthouse St., Galle, Sri Lanka.

Pilgrims Lounge

After climbing the rickety stairs, it is possible to drink a cold beer at 11pm while enjoying the ocean views.


It is possible to unwind with a coctail on the balcony with views over the Fort’s Terracotta Roofs. The locally brewed beer is recommended. Address: 10 Church St., Galle, Sri Lanka.

Cafe Nicos at Olanda Antiques

Inside an old antique shop, it is likely to be amazed when seeing a modern cafe serving real Italian-style coffee, plus juices and snacks. Address: 30 Leyn Baan St, Galle, Sri Lanka.


A restaurant on a large courtyard surrounded by deep colonnaded porches. The atmosphere is quiet and classy. The small bar mixes some fine drinks. Address: 9 Church Cross St,Galle, Sri Lanka.

Elita Restaurant

The restaurant has great views to the lightouse and harbour. Address: 75 Hospital St, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Old Railway Cafe

The upstairas cafe has a diverse and changing menu of creative soups, salads and mains. Address: 42 Havelock Pl, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Seagreen restaurant

This is the best place in town for seafood and fresh fruit juices.  A truly local restaurant outside of typical tourist restaurants. Address: Rampart Street, Galle, Sri Lanka.