Cadiz, Spain: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Cadiz is a city found in the southwestern of Spain. Cadiz is known as one of the oldest European cities and it also hosts the University of Cadiz. Cadiz has a number of historical landmarks and attractions. Cadiz is the seventeenth largest city in Spain. Some of the main landmarks that can be noted in Cadiz city include a theatre, a watchtower that was built in 18th century, an ancient municipal building only to mention but a few. Cadiz city has a number of plazas as well.

Plaza de mina was built in 19th century and located in the heart of the old town. The plaza de mina contains a number of statues, a museum that contains up to 3000 years old objects and a number of architecture houses.

The other one is the Plaza de San Francisco that is located next to plaza de mina. It was built in 1956. Other plazas include plaza San Antonio, plaza de Candelaria, plaza de cathedral and plaza de San Juan.

Other important sites that are found in Cadiz include the Tavira tower, the Admiral’s house, Old customs House, La Pepa Bridge, Roman theatre and the Palacio de Congress.