South Africa- Travel/ Tourist information guide

If you are planning to visit any African country and you wondering where exactly you can enjoy the nature, then consider making a trip to South Africa. South Africa is one of the leading economies in Africa with lots of luxurious hotels, beautiful sceneries, natural beaches and lots of other benefits that include the following just only to mention but a few:

The rise of the U.S. Dollar

Most African countries have poor economies which make the cost of life to be very expensive. However, this is not the case in South Africa where the economy is stable lowering the price of the air trips, hotels, the internal safaris and other activities. You can also enjoy low cost of goods and services at shopping boutiques. A lot of people like making their shopping activities at a famous market located in Cape Town known as Green Market Square.

The commemoration of 21 years of democracy

South Africa is recognized for its apartheid history and their legend Nelson Mandera who is always recognized for his outstanding efforts in the struggle of independence. Once in Cape Town, you can enjoy travelling to Robben Island to see where most freedom fighters including Nelson Mandera were imprisoned.

Natural Beauty

One of the incredible features of South Africa also is the availability of natural beaches and many other beautiful types of scenery. One of the common spot is the Table Mountain found in Cape Town which is also among the seven wonders of nature. The Durban is an amazing spot for lovers of natural Beaches characterized also with surfing games.

Other features that make south Africa a good tourist spot also include availability of the big five, beautiful craft works, natural foods and sunny beaches.


Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria