Nightlife in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The nightlife in Riyadh is nothing like the nightlife in other European countries. Being a very strict Islamic country, Saudi Arabia has prohibited all sales of alcohol and punishment can be done if you are seen using or handling alcohol. 

However, not having alcohol doesn't mean that one cannot have a good night out in Riyadh. The people od Riyadh are more focused on going out to grab a bite or a cup of coffee and bonding with their friends. There are many amazing coffee places and restaurants where you can go out with your friends and still have a fun night out in Riyadh. 

For instance, you can go to the Globe which is an excellent restaurant and a cafe. Here you can grab a glass of Saudi Champagne which is a non-alcoholic champagne made out of Sprite and apple juice. 

If you just want to grab a cup of coffee then there are some amazing places where you can do that. For instance, you can go to Dr. Cafe. It is an international; coffee house chain which offers great coffee, has great service and pleasant interior. 

If you want to have something to eat you can visit the Sheraton Hotel which has a restaurant which serves European, Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Another great restaurant is the Al-Fawar where you can taste South Indian and Lebanese cuisine. 

There are a lot of hotels in Riyadh where besides food and drink you can go swimming, go to a spa and other delicacies. Such hotels are the Marriott Hotel; the Mena hotel; the Holiday Inn Hotel and many other places.

You can also go bowling at the Universal Bowling Center in Riyadh where you can also enjoy some other games.