Doha, Qatar: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Doha is the capital city of Qatar. It is developing very quickly and it is on the way to becoming one of the premier cities in the Gulf. A lot of money are invested into the development and modernization of this city.

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Transportation in and around Doha

There are two ways to get in the city. One way is by plane via the Doha Internation Airport. You can catch a flight from a big number of countries from all over the world. Another way to get in the city is by car from Saudi Arabia, since it is the only country that borders with Qatar.

Once in the city there are a couple of ways to get around it. One way is by bus. There is a large network of bus routes that connects the whole city and other cities as well. Another way to get around the city is by taxi. The taxis are colored green and operated by Karwa taxis. There is also another kind of taxis - limousine taxis but these are unmarked and more expensive. Getting a taxi in Doha might be kind of hard since there is a high demand. So if might be good for you to book a taxi. Or if you didn't have the time you might find taxis waiting at the major malls and international hotels. If you want to have your own vehicle to get around the city you can rent a car. If you are planning to do this, it is better if you reserve the vehicle before you fly to Doha. You should also have an international driver's licence.

Explore Doha

Since Doha is been booming in the last few years, there are a lot of great things to be seen. There are two museums and one should visit: the Museum of Islamic Art where you can see great collections of Islamic art from three continents over 1.4000 years; and the National Museum of Qatar where you can find out more about the history of Qatar. There are also other museums each of which has amazing things and artifacts to be seen. When it comes to the cultural heritage the first thing you should see is the Al Koot Fort which was built during the Ottoman period and was located on the outskirts of the city. Another thing that should be seen is the Souq Waqif where you will find a great number of shops if you want to buy something. Last but not least, another thing to visit is the Pearl-Qatar - a man-made island.