Coimbra: best accommodation, prices and where to find it.

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Coimbra depicts a very wide range of prices among its listed accommodations. Having in mind that it is a “students city", we can figure that cheap, easy to rent accommodations are available all the year, especially during the academic. If someone is interested in this kind of accommodation has to be aware that booking in advance is the best way to get a free, low cost room. 

Where to find the hotels, hostels, B&B accommodations in Coimbra.

The area immediately surrounding the Coimbra A Train Station, the Bus Station and the right bank of the river provide the best, cheap and nice rooms. From the downtown Coimbra, the guest can walk or ride a hired bicycle, sometimes facilitated from the hotel, to get around the city.  The good thing about Coimbra is that antique revamped buildings in the touristic quarters have a discreet fee and basic amenities like Wi-Fi, fans, air conditioners, terraces, pools, etc. are available mostly without extra cost.

Cheap but classy

Here we mention two cheap but classy accommodations, as sample of what the city has in store for the visitor.

In spite of its slick appearance, the Coimbra Vintage Lofts Apartments is moderately cheap and can be booked all the yearlong. Close to the Mondego River, this accommodation complex is located in a XVII building, a five minute walk from the downtown and the train station. The secluded elegance of the past lives here blended with the ultimate comfort. Basically, the apartments and studios provide cheerful, bright, illuminated rooms. The seating area includes sofa bed, flat -screen TV and a private bathroom, along with towels, linens and free toiletries. Another advantage: there is daily maid service without additional cost. The accommodations have a kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, microwave, cookware and small dining area. There are several restaurants and a supermarket located only to several minutes’ walk. The guests have the chance to grab the free bicycle hire offered by the Vintage Loft Apartments and pay a visit to the attractions of the city like the Old Cathedral of Coimbra , University of Coimbra and the Machado de Castro Museum, all they are less than 1.5 km from here. For the convenience of the guest, the apartments are 200 meters from Coimbra- A and 7 minutes by car from the A1 Highway, which leads to Lisbon from Oporto.

A fifteen minute walk from the Coimbra Train Station, there is another cheap option is Apartamentos com Historia. They are a set of cozy, independent studios located in the historical area of Coimbra. Furthermore, it is right next to the Monastery and Church of Santa Cruz. The apartments have been recently revamped and provided with good taste decoration. The facilities include kitchenette, private bathroom with shower and bedroom with two single beds. With a slightly higher rent, it is possible to enjoy a terrace and small outdoor pool. Apartamentos com Historia is a 7 -minute walk from the train station of Coimbra.  Other attractions around are the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha,  Portugal dos Pequenitos theme park,and the University of Coimbra. 

Only for the romantic people

Ines and Pedro are the names of the most famous lovers of Portugal, they lived during the XIII century. Now the garden where they met in secret is one of the most luxurious accommodation complexes in the city. Known as is Quinta Das Lagrimas, the site concealed the romance between t Ines, the wife and lover of Pedro, the Prince of Portugal, before she was murdered by order of the king Alfonso the Brave, her father-in-law. This tragic story is known all over the Europe and inspired many poems and legends. Now the place is wrapped in a romantic air that appeals visitors from the entire world. Actually Quintas Das Lagrimas is place to relax and enjoy an intimate retreat in the middle of downtown Coimbra. The luxury of the XVIII palace and the comfort of the present creates a royal atmosphere where guests enjoys privacy and exclusive services. The hotel has a spa, a health center, a series of pools, gardens, golf courses and other amenities that outline its splendid profile. Most important Coimbra monuments and points of interest are from one minute to four minutes from Quinta Das Lagrimas ( Monastery of Santa Clara- a-Velha,Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Nova, Church of Santa Cruz, the Old Cathedral, Portugal Dos Pequenitos). The reception desk is open 24 hours and booking online is supported. Pets are not allowed. The gardens can be visited by the tourists.

A place for the young

For the young people there are several low cost options. Without sparing quality, the Pousada de Juventude de Coimbra has very cheap fee ( € 11 per person in a daily basis) and offers a convenient location , ten minutes from the University of Coimbra, and to only 1.7 km from the Coimbra Train Station. In a radius of 3 km the guest can find the Portugal dos Pequenitos, the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha and the Coimbra Forum Mall, the city shopping center. Nearby the Pousada many restaurants offer cheap and medium price meals, the same Pousada has a cooking area where the guests can prepare their own meal. All the rooms are shared.

More to choose from

Variety and price along with comfort and convenience are current matter in Coimbra.There are plenty of lodging possibilites during all the year, making the right choice for one´s budget isn´t very hard. For those who are considering renting a car or making excursions from their hotel, there are some guesthouses with cheap prices and good amenities. They are located outside in Coimbra, set in the rural environment of Portugal and can be a good chance to have a relaxing holidays and practice sport.