Visayas, the Philippines: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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The urbanized city of Bacolod is the regional capital of Negros Occidental, in western Visayas. The city has a lively nightlife and is often overlooked by tourists, considering it as just a transport hub. Bacolod features several cultural attractions, in the form of museums and monuments. There’s also a few nice parks to relax in. Negros Island presents a range a different landscapes to explore, from rugged mountain interior and unspoilt beaches, to underwater coral gardens and urban grooves.


The explosive growth and hype regarding the small island of Boracay, has propelled it to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines, next to Palawan Island. The action is centered around White Beach, a 4km stretch of sand, lined with hotels, dive shops, bars and restaurants. Boracay has all sorts of tours and activities to keep visitors busy, like diving trips, mountain adventures, horse riding, tribal adventures, sailing, sea sports and countless spas.

Apo Island

Situated south of Negros Island, the tiny, volcanic Apo Island has been considered a marine sanctuary ever since 1982. Expert divers from across the world, consider Apo Island to be an ideal diving spot. Apart from excellent diving and snorkeling spots, Apo Island features white coral sand beaches, a friendly local community and a gorgeous view of Negros Island.


Located in eastern Visayas, Cebu is s the oldest Spanish settlement in the Philippines, making it a top attraction for tourists. Cebu is the hub of Visayas, with the highest population density in the Philippines, and great economic and strategic importance to the country. White sand beaches and great dive spots are some of the islands main attractions. Cebu City offers inspiring churches, colonial mansions, museums and monuments. There’s also an active nightlife, with restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes.


The island-province of Bohol is just a quick ferry trip away from Cebu. Bohol is famous for its spectacular Chocolate Hills, bug-eyed tarsiers and dive spots on Panglao Island. Adventurous explorers can enjoy the interior jungle and rice terraces, while other can lay back and relax on the island’s pristine white beaches. There’s also a couple of nice museums and churches to visit.