Sagada, the Philippines: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Situated 275 kilometers north of Manila, the small municipality of Sagada in the western area of Mountain Province, is an interesting place to visit when touring the Philippines. The mountainous region of Sagada provides a cool climate and many natural features, making it a backpackers paradise. Sagada is close to another prime attraction of the Philippines, namely Banaue, with its famous millennial rice terraces.

Sagada is most famous for the Echo Valley Hanging Coffins. Other attractions include multiple caves, villages, hiking trails across the mountains, lookouts and a small museum. The surrounding areas also feature nice waterfalls like the Bomod-ok and Bokong Waterfalls, while the peaks of Mt. Kiltepan and Mt. Sipitan provide breathtaking panoramic views. There isn’t much in the way of nightlife here, but Sagada does provide many good restaurants. When traveling to Sagada it is recommended to bring cash, since the town has only one ATM, which rarely works.

Good value accommodation options are readily available throughout Sagada. There are many appealing hostels and inns for low-budget travelers. Since the town is located on the mainland of Luzon, it can only be reached by road. The small size of the town makes it easy to get around on foot.

Sagada is one of the few places that has preserved its indigenous culture with very little Spanish influence. This is probably due to the lack of transportation and willing guides during the colonial years. This kept most conquistadors away, however a Spanish Mission was founded on 1882. Local legend tells that Sagada was founded by a man named Biag, fleeing with his family from raiding headhunters in Bika and enforced baptism in Candon later on. Biag and his siblings later split up to settle in different areas with Biag ending up in present day Sagada.