Metro Lucena at Night

The Philippines in general are justly proud of their cuisine and going out at night in Lucena means enjoying something toe at as well as drinks and entertainment. Most restaurants serve drinks as well as enabling customers to enjoy a tasty dish.
The area of Lucena is famous for its “chami” which is a typical dish made out of noodles and many delicacies. Some of the places where one can enjoy a meal and also stay and enjoy music and drinks are Sadik Resto Bar which is located in Lucena city.
Many hotels also serve meals for people who are not staying in the hotel and one of the best restaurants in a hotel can be found in the Queen Margarette Hotel in Lucena City, Quezon Province. This hotel has a good reputation although the hotel is kind old and is a place for older people to enjoy a quiet dinner.
There are plenty of restaurants offering live music for people that want to have a party. Some of these are Central Park Garden Café in Lucena Grand Central Terminal Complex.
The Ana Belai restaurant is a very good choice for going out to enjoy an intimate dinner with soft live music and a relaxing atmosphere.
A place with great seafood is the Hacienda Inn which also has nice live music playing mostly jazz. Be sure to try their gambas served Filipino style, gambas are prawns.
For those that like live music that is really lively, a must visit is the Masq Restaurant and Lounge in Lucena.
The Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan restaurant features karaoke every Sunday to Thursday and there is a live band that plays great stuff on Friday and Saturday nights. This place is a little hard to find but it does have a neon sign and it is located in Tayabas, Quezon. You could stay at the hotel and enjoy everything in one single setting, this is particularly of interest to people with children as this hotel and restaurant caters to everyone.
After eating delicious Filippino food in Lucena, it is time to work some of those calories off so dancing the night away is the most fun option and to do this why not visit the Hydrogen Bar and Resto located on Quezon Avenue, Lucena City. This place serves Filipino food and is also a club and discotheque.
A disco-pub place to go out is Nini which is located in Lucena. This is a place where gay and lesbians go out but it is open to all and there is great music and dancing to be enjoyed here, it is not really an LGBT place but a place for all, so here one can have a good time regardless of gender.
The Poypoy´s Residence is a dance club and discotheque in Lucena located in the middle of town.
If you want to enjoy a great night in a lovely setting, then perhaps the Diamond Resort & Hotel in Lucena is a good option. It is located on Maharlika Highway,. Ibabang Dupay Lucena City, Quezon, it is around 100 yards away from SM City and across the street from San Isidro Church. This is a place that is elegant and cool and is the choice place for Filippino celebrities to stay when visiting Lucena, so you could enjoy a drink with someone famous in their terrace. For those wanting a romantic evening out the Gazebo Astoria is a great place to enjoy a candle lit dinner. A must try is their seafood dishes as they purchase their ingredients from the nearby local fish market in Dalahican Port.