Ilocos, the Philippines: Nightlife

Ilocos has a great night life for party goers and people who enjoy the night. This coastal region in the Philippines is a happy place. After dark, the lights go on and one can enjoy typical Filipino food and beverages in many places. After dinner, it is time to work off some of those calories by dancing and singing. So step out into the night and enjoy yourself with friends you already have and new ones that await you in some of these great places!

The Legacy Super Club in Vegan City, Ilocos is a good place to have a wild time Karaoke singing plus they have good music and a great vibe.
In the Zone 4, of Bantay in Ilocos Sur, you can find the Ekhikaia Café and Resto Bar. This place is a fun place to have a light meal at night and it has great entertainment with music and dancing going on. The staff is competent and friendly and this is quite a recommendable place to go out at night in Ilocos.
In the historic part of town in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, one can find the Mang Inasal bar and grill which has great meat dishes and is usually packed with people having a blast here. The best thing is to try it during a week-day the first time and then on a Friday night when it really gets fierce!

Kubo Ville is open 24 hours a day and at any time one can enjoy wonderful food here. This place is in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.A place that is open until 2 a.m. serving food is BarTech on Calle Crisolongo in Ilocos. This place has great drinks and food and is always full of people, here you can make friends and share travel tips and experiences with other travellers besides eating great food and trying their Bar Specials drink which will get you drunk for sure!

If you can´t get away from following your favorite sports teams, in 8.88 Bar and Restaurant you can follow sports on their huge tv screens and enjoy beers and burgers with other fans like yourself. The staff is very friendly and the prices are reasonable.

There is a place called Trellis that serves good Filipino food such as pork belly. This place is a bar and grill that is open 24 hours a day. It also has great music and is a nice place to go out at night.

Ihawan Sa Caoayan may be hard to pronounce but this place in Caoayan is a grill and bar and great place to chill out. Go here once and you may never want to go back to your hotel ever again... a genuine “tourist trap” that will trap you forever, fortunately you can carry this place in your heart wherever you go.
Most of the night places in Ilocos have great music and are fun places to go especially if you like dancing, karaoke singing and trying new foods. This is one of the great things about Ilocos, they are kind of “loco” but in a fun and cheerful way.