Going out in Cebu: Bars, clubs, nightlife and entertainment

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After having a great time touring Cebu and visiting natural parks and museums or going to visit the waterfalls and swimming or hiking, night falls and it is time for other types of entertainment which are available in Cebu. Remember that this part of the world is a foodies Paradise so that is part of the fun. Most of the places to go out at night serve foods.

Just one or two words of caution: portions in this city are much larger than usual and the other bit of advice is to stay away from Colon area at night. It is dangerous and most foreigners never go there because of being mugged.

When the sun sets, it is time to search out for somewhere to have dinner. This is solved quite nicely by stepping out and visiting Lami-ah restaurant.
The Lami-ah seafood restaurant also has a traditional folk dance show that diners can watch as they enjoy a delicious seafood dish.
Sugba Bay is located on the roof of the Holiday Plaza Hotel. Here one can dine under the stars and view all of Cebu from a wonderful vantage point.
This fantastic view of the city can be had at a much cheaper price if one goes to TOPS, a place where young people go to do sports and pic-nics in a rather casual ambience. There are food stalls at TOPS as well and it is a great place to meet friends and hang out. One could find a nice date here too.
Treff is a bar for trendy people and it is a little more exclusive than TOPS. They serve quite good drinks here and have live music. The dress code is casual yet dressy, no singlets or flip-flops.
Places to go out for adult entertainment at night are J.Ave which is on Mango Square. This is a place to go and pick up a prostitute and also have a great time drinking and listening to music. Here one can have a drink and there are lots of girls to choose from. This is a place frequented by locals but foreigners are very welcome too.

Discotheques to go out in Cebu are quite nice and one of the best ones is Loft which is a classy club and is in front of a hotel called Waterfront Hotel. Music is techno and there are security guards to protect clientele. There is an entrance fee of P300.00 and Wednesday is girls night.
For older people wanting a more relaxed ambience to enjoy drinking and conversation in a classy place, one needs to go to Vudu. The dress code is to wear nice things as most Cebuanos are people who like to get dressed up to go out and you don´t want to stand out because of wearing the wrong attire. Music here is jazz and slow music and the drinks are slightly more expensive than elswhere but that keeps it classy and nice.
Fun times can be had doing karaoke in Rainbow KTV if you are with a bunch of friends. This place is a bar that is open 24 hours a day and the quality of the sound system is quite good.

Places that also are great to go to are The Distillery which doesn´t look like much from outside but is teeming with people inside enjoying great drinks. There is a relaxed ambience here although it is a club. During week-days this place is rather slow and has an English pub air to it but during the week-ends it gets packed with people enjoying great jam sessions and this is the fashionable place to go in Cebu at night.
A massive disco place is to be found at LIV Super Club. This enormous disco is located on City Time Square in Mandaue City and it has very tight security meaning that it is safe even though it really is a big place. There are VIP tables and drinks are not all that expensive either. A sensational place to go with a group of friends to dance the night away.
People really into dancing and spending the night in a disco can go to Alchology which is on Mango Square. This place is not as formal as LIV Super Club but is a fun place to go and drinks are cheaper here. The main feature is its dance floors.
A place to start the night and find good imported liquors is Labeled, which is on Escario Street. This club is smaller and is the first place to go out after dinner and before going to LIV or Alchology for hard partying.