Banaue, the Philippines: Nightlife

The sleepy little town of Banaue in the middle of the countryside town is rather dim. Nightlife in Banaue is quite limited as this is not a real tourist destination and has very few inhabitants comparatively speaking. Among the possibilities of enjoying yourself at night are staying in the hotel and enjoying drinks on the terrace feeling the cool night breeze and bonding with family relatives and friends on the trip.

In Banaue people go to bed rather early and by 8 p.m. everything is closed so there isn't really much to do here at night.

The Banaue Hotel offers traditional dances and music at peak holiday times such as Christmas, Easter and other long week-ends with Ifugao traditional music and dancing.

There is a place one can go out to known as 7th Heaven´s Café which is a ten minute walk from the local tourism bureau and market. It closes at 8 p.m. and only serves meals here.

So, Banaue is probably not the best place for a rowdy night life experience but our guess is that you didn't come here expecting to disco the night away but rather enjoy peace and serenity surrounded by greenery and this is what one should be expecting to find in Banaue.
Before deciding to spend the night in Banaue on your way to other nearby places, pack a deck of cards or a portable chess set for long nights out in the boonies like here.

Lean back and enjoy and savor the night sounds, the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place and enjoy a long conversation with friends and relatives while relaxing in the hotel which is rather spartan but offering the minimal comfort one needs. And, above all, enjoy a well deserved rest after trekking around in the rice fields and visiting waterfalls and other natural beauties of this area.

If you must have something to drink why not savor native rice wine or sugar cane wine which is available in all the local inns and lodges. After all, rice is the main feature of this part of the world and of course, rice wine is a possibility so be sure to try it.

For those who need to be in touch with people back home, there is an internet café in the “People´s Lodge & Restaurant”.

One thing you probably didn't pack and will be needing at night is a flashlight as the streets in Banaue are not very well lit up at night and perhaps the rice wine is a little strong and you need to get back to where you are spending the night...