Nightlife and entertainment in Trujillo: Drinking, entertainment and going out to bars, clubs and theaters

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Trujillo has many places discotecs, pubs, peñas with Peruvian music like Festejo and Karaoke where one can have fun dancing, drinking or just watching and eating depending on how one plans to spend the night hours.

Below is a list of some places where one can enjoy at night:

Mecano Bar

Mecano Bar is a discotec and bar located on Jiron Gamarra 574. It is very popular among the young crowd as well as the slightly older crowd. One can spend the night dancing away to the beats of great music like pop, rock, merengue, bachata as well as salsa. The fun here starts from Thursdays which are called Juergues de Mecano and continues over the weekend.

El Cellar De Cler

El Cellar De Cler is a great place to enjoy dinner and cocktail admiring the views of the city from the second-floor balcony amidst the amazing antique pieces that are part of the décor. It is indeed a treat to enjoy the mouth watering selection of grills and the delicious pasta combined with the extraordinary cocktails which include the classic chilcano which is the mixture of the traditional Peruvian drink pisco, ginger ale and lime juice or other varieties like the rocoto, ají limo, maracuya etc.

Tributo Bar

Tributo Bar is located on the plaza corner and is very popular among the young lot especially over the weekends when there is live hot music by DJs.

Restaurante Turistico Canana

Restaurante Turistico Canana is known for good Peruvian coastal food and there are also live performances by local musicians and dancers after 11:00 pm from Thursday to Saturday.

Picasso Lounge

Picasso Lounge is a shotgun-styled bar and cafe which has contemporary local art exhibitions that keep changing once in every two months. The bar is operational from Thursday to Saturday from 8:00 pm onwards and serves a variety of cocktails that include some creative pisco concoctions as well.

Runa’s Martini Lounge

Runa’s Martini Lounge is a cool colonial bar with an outside patio and live music on weekends.


Bares is a quiet place for those who do not like loud music and would rather prefer to eat and drink with friends while listening to music in a more relaxed environment.

Palacio Royal

Palacio Royal is a Casino that is located on Giron Almagro 500, Trujillo, La Libertad. The casino is open 24 hours on all days for gambling and has 101 gaming machines plus one table game.

Club La Libertad

Club La Libertad which is one block from the Hotel El Paraiso has arrangements for open air dancing as well as contests to celebrate the La Marinera festival throughout January where children as well as adults dance to the music of a live orchestra every evening from 7:00 pm. The Marinera is a very beautiful and elegant local dance which depicts a sailor who is saying farewell to his lady before leaving to go to war against Chile in the 1880s.

There are other places like the Nuestro Bar and the Evaristo as well as a Peña Show on Thursdays.