Top things to do in Papua New Guinea:  free activities, parks, museums, tours

Papau New Guinea is quite a large an area to cover with its 9 provinces each provide something unique and oodles of things to do. Since Port Moresby is the capital city, we'll focus on the best things to do in that region, sites to see and places to visit to keep everyone interested.   

Explore the National Museum and Art Gallery.  Despite it's outwardly unkept appearance the museum has a variety of cultural exhibits and it is a large area which deserves a good 1-2 hours to fully absorb and see its important pieces of art. 

Wonder through the National Orchid Garden. Not too far from town behind the Adventure Park see the stunning orchids which are neat and extremely well looked after. This a beautiful place to relax and breath in the fresh air. 

If passing by, visit the only Mosque in Port Moresby: Firdaus Zahari and learn a little bit about the small minority of Muslims who practice there. 

An absolute must is the Bomana War Cemetery which serves as a dignified memorial to all those who lost their lives in the war. It is said to be quite an emotional experience and somber walk. 

Do a Port Moresby City Sight Seeing Tour and see the city and the Parliament House which serves as a major tourist attraction with its pretty gardens. Another place the tour stops over is at the Vision City Shopping Mall so be sure to pack in the wallet.