Getting to and around Papua New Guinea (PNG) by making use of its public and private transport networks

Any foreign national wishing to visit Papua New Guinea is required to obtain a visitors visa which are usually valid for 60 days. Once the visa has been obtained PNG can be entered by air at Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby, or by sea through various ports in Port Moresby, Bougainville, Rabaul and Kimbe. Alternatively it can be reached by land through the only land border with Papua, Indonesia. 

Once in Papua New Guinea, getting around is pretty straight forward though due to the several factors such as climate, finance and terrain most roads are unpaved. There are 4 main ways of moving around the island and they are: car, public motor vehicles, plane and boat. Probably the most common mode of transport for locals is the public motor vehicle which travels along all connecting highways. However, air transport seems to take the cake when it comes to tourists as almost every settlement is built along an airstrip.  Those living along the islands and wishing to explore or go island hopping get around by boats, ships or ferries.

Papau New_Guinea_Jackson_International_Airport_in_Port_MoresbyPapua New_Guinea__Port_Moresby_HarborPapua-New-Guinea-Indonesia-border-crossingpapua new_guinea__public_motor_vehiclespapua new_guinea_planepapua new_guinea_Ferry