Lahore, Pakistan: Nightlife, Bars and Restaurants

Drinking alcohol in public is banned in Pakistan even though some top end hotels have their own bars. According to most Pakistanis, it is rude and offensive to take alcohol in public. There is a “non-Muslim declaration” which can be obtained by non-Muslim visitors from the local police that the permit allows legally to buy a limited amount of alcoholic drinks like wine or beer. The small Christian minority in Pakistan is by law allowed to consume alcohol. There are some local brands such as Muree Brewery and there are some other brands like Budweiser and Bavaria with non-alcoholic beer. On the other than in Lahore, clubbing is quite popular but it is not easy to find. The majority of the clubs are private and accept with invitation only. For the ones who are looking for something to do at night, it is possible to visit the movie houses, public theatre, music concerts and adult entertainment spots.

Alhamra Cultural Center

It is the heart of Lahore due to Lahore being the cultural capital of the country. Alhamra means a woman in red clothes. It is possible to find many cultural activities there. The event list can be checked on its website. Address: 68 Shahrah-e-Quaide-Azam, Lahore, Pakistan.

Cafe Zouk

In this dining cafe, the thing that comes out the most is the music. It is carefully selected and adjusted in accordance to the customer mixture in the restaurant. The ambience is unique. Address:MM Alam Rd, Lahore, Pakistan.

Hot Fuzon

The restaurant offers a relaxing and soothing dining experience. They have a good variety of sandwiches and desserts. It is a popular hangout place for people. Address: 43L, Ground Complex Plaza, MM Alam Road, Bulbreg II, Lahore, Pakistan.

Cafe Aylanto

The place offers one of the best non-Pakistani food in Lahore. The shrimp and avocado salad is recommended. It is possible to bring wine to the restaurant and they will serve it. Address: 2-C, 9th Commercial Lane, Lahore, Pakistan.

Palmers Sports Lounge

It is desinged as a sports bar but decorated iwth a luxurious seating with a view of the gold course. There is also a plasma TV and a terrace. Address: Canal Bank Rd, Lahore, Pakistan.

Laeeq Farmhouse

It is a farmhouse in lahore that has a beautiful interior and ambiance. It hosts wedding funtions, dance parties, birthday parties, concerts and many more. Address: Bedian Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Caviar Lounge

It is located in Royal Palm and Country Golf Club. It is used as a bar and designed luxuriously. It provides comfort and privacy. Address: Canal Bank Rd, Lahore, Pakistan.

Peeru’s Cafe

It is a part of the Rafi Peer Cultural Centre. It also includes the Museum of Puppetry and the Arts and Crafts Village. It is located about an hour outside of Lahore. Saturday nights are Jazz nights. It is the only place that has live jazz music in Lahore. Address: Plot 1, Green Acres Main Rd, Lahore, Pakistan.

AK Lounge

The venue offers sheesha, food and gun. It is a good place to hangout regularly or party. It is owned by the famous singer Annie Khalid. The place is considered as one of the most popular areas in Lahore. From Mondays to Sundays , the place is open between 10:00 to 02:00. Address: Shop #4-5, First Floor, B/3, Gulberg III, Next to CTC, Above Outfitters, Lahore, Pakistan.

The Forest Cafe

It is set in a tropical forest atmosphere. It is so real and there is a soothing sound of waterfall and crickets. The dishes are popular and the good is good. The atmosphere is comforting. There is something for all tastes. Address: 57-T, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.