Karachi, Pakistan: Nightlife, Bars and Restaurants

The city of Karachi offers an interesting way of night life that there are several things to do, watch and experience. The city has a large selection of bars, cafes, clubsi shopping malls and restaurants where it is possible to find a venue for every taste. The major nightlife venues are situated in the Clifton and Sea View areas of the city. It is also go shopping at night, the best areas are Zamzama Street Park Tower and Schen Circle. There are also some amusement parks to visit at night for the ones who are looking for some action. On the other hand, drinking alcohol in public is banned even though some top end hotels have their own bars. According to most Pakistanis, it is rude and offensive to take alcohol in public. There is a “non-Muslim declaration” which can be obtained by non-Muslim visitors from the local police that the permit allows legally to buy a limited amount of alcoholic drinks like wine or beer. The small Christian minority in Pakistan is by law allowed to consume alcohol. There are some local brands such as Muree Brewery and there are some other brands like Budweiser and Bavaria with non-alcoholic beer.

Port Grand

It is an extensive entertainment and food complex in downtown Karachi that houses many food outlets, shopping malls, art gallery, tavern area and many more. Address: Port Grand Food St, Karachi, Pakistan.

Arts Council of Pakistan

It is a government owned organization for promotion of the Arts in Pakistan. It is the best place to see musical and theatrical performances. Address: MR Kayani Rd, Karachi, Pakistan.

Base Rock Cafe

The place hosts karaoke nights and live bands. It has a Karaoke music collection of over 20,000 CD quality songs. It features top of the line sound system with effect mixers, Karaoke start hunting competitions, private parties such as birthdays, gigs, movie shows etc., and a real basement experience. Address: 16-C, 6th Commercial Street, Phase 6, Ittehad Commercial, Karachi, Pakistan.

Purple Haze

It is a plush, dimly lit cafe-style eatery where mostly the young and hip side of Karachi life hangs out.  There is Wifi, frequent live music at the weekends changes from traditional to Urdu hip-hop. The food is learing towards Western styles. Address: 66C-68C, 25th St, Tauheed Commercial, Karachi, Pakistan.

Bread People Bakery Cafe

It features live music bands, usually on random Saturday nigthts.Calling for schedule is recommended. Address: 10-C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, 26th Street, Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase 6, Karachi, Pakistan.

The Elbow Room

It is highly decorated in an elegant style and serves the delicious taste of starters, Steaks, Continental, Burger Sandwhiches and many more. It is a perfect place to have lunch and dinner. It also hosts some concers, movie nights and masquarade balls. Address: Mumtaz Hussain Street, I.ı Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Nadia Cafe

It is one of the most recognized coffee shops in Karachi and it is an ideal choice for thos who want to enjoy quality food and beverages in an upscale and relaxing environment. It is located in Marriot Hotel and it has theme nights. Address: 9 Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Capri Cinema

Watching a movie might be a good choice for spending the night in Karachi. The Capri often shows English language movies and a few other cinemas are also scattered along the same stretch. Address: Ma Jinnah Rd, N of Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan.

Salt N Pepper Village

It is a good choice for evening entertainment because it always has live Pakistani music. It is situated by the sea and due to its popularity, it might be hard to get a table, expecially on wekends. Address: 3A Beach Av, Phase 6, Karachi, Pakistan.


It is located at the Marriot in Karachi and it is a unique restaurant serving Mughlai good with original recipes and authentic cooking methods. It features traditional live music from 8 pm to 11 pm.