Oman: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Oman is a sultanate in the Middle East which borders with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. There are two exclaves belonging to Oman, but which are separated from it by the United Arab Emirates - Madha and the Musandam Peninsula. The capital of Oman is Muscat.

The historic forts are the most famous tourist attractions in Oman. Oman has over 500 forts and towers. The best of them can be found in Muscat - the Mirani Fort and the Jalali fort. The Bahla Fort is a World Heritage Site whose walls are 7 miles long. Another amazing thing in Oman are its rugged mountains which offer incredible scenery and are a great place for driving in dry wadis. In addition, Oman has huge desert dunes which cannot be perceived with a single glance. The last amazing thing about Oman is the sea turtles which can be fount on different beaches and of many species.