Bhaktapur, Nepal: Travel/Tourist Information Guide 

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Bhaktapur is located about 20 km from Kathmandu. It belongs to the royal cities in Kathmandu Valley. People also call it 'City of culture' or 'City of devotees'. This city is surrounded by marvelous mountains. It is famous for its fancy views of Himalayas and for its ancient temples and monuments. There are a lot of temples with intricate wooden or stone artworks. It has population of 225,000 people.

Bhaktapur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main tourist attractions include Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nyataponla Temple, Dattatreya Square, The place of fifty-five windows, The Golden Gate and Peacock Window.


Bhaktapur features rather cold winters. The temperature sometimes falls to 2°C. Winters last from November to January. The summer lasts from June to August and it rather warm. The temperature is usually around 19 to 27°C. The summer also coincide with monsoon season. So, it rains hard in summer, but happily mostly during the night. At daytime it can rain for some 2 hours, and that's it. Spring (March to April) is the best season to visit Bhaktapur. Generally the climate is rather mild. The only big problem is the earthquakes, that sometimes happen there.

How to get there


The nearest international airport is in Kathmandu. It is called Tribhuvan International Airport. One can take a bus from Kathmandu and get to Bhaktapur.


Buses minibuses and microbuses go to and from Bhaktapur. They are rather cheap, but very-very crowded. There are much faster express buses. They go from Bazar in Kathmandu. To get the bus from Kathmandu tourists should just go out the main city gate.


Taxis are 20times more expensive than buses, but that's not a big price. Tourists should bargain with the taxi drivers to get a better price. It's good to ask locals or people at your hotel about a regular price fare.

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