Going out in Naypyidaw and Pyinmana, Myanmar: Bars, clubs, night-life, and entertainment

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Well, to be quite fair, nothing resembling nightlife actually exists in these two cities. The closest thing to nightlife events is going to a restaurant, or a karaoke bar in one of the many hotels and resorts. So, we will list here some of those bars and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants

Cafe Flight- this unique bar /restaurant is located at Yarza Thingaha Road, Datkhinathiri Township, and is a part of Sky Palace Hotel. It is housed in a real airplane, grounded, of course. The plane was involved in a minor crash, bought by the hotel, and has since served as a unique restaurant.
YKKO- part of well-known restaurants chain, found also in Yangon. Good food is complemented by the service provided, since all of the speak English. Location of the restaurant is at the Capital Hypermarket, on Yaza Thingaha Road.

Diplomatic Bar- located in Kempinski Hotel, together with Rangoon Kitchen. It is situated at the lobby of the Ava Villa. It is open daily from 10am to 2pm.
Emerald Restaurant- another restaurant which is actually a part of a hotel- the Emerald Palace Hotel. This establishment is run by foreigners, so both service and dishes tend to be a little more internationalized. It is also located at the Yarza Thingaha Road in Naypyidaw.
Maw Khan Nong- there are actually two restaurants with this name, one located at the bottom, and the other one at the top of a hill Thabyegone Market. This is a pretty spacious beer-station, serving both beverages and food.
Junction Centre- apart from being a supermarket, the centre also houses several restaurants, as well as a small theatre and a cinema hall. There are even karaoke parties organized on some nights. It is located at the Hotel Zone in Naypyidaw.

L'Opera Italian Restaurant- just like the YKKO, this restaurant is also a part of restaurant chain that can be found in Yangon as well. And, as the name suggests, this is a place primarily offering Italian dishes. It is located in Naypyidaw’s Hotel Zone 1, on Yar Za Thin Gaha.
Yangon Kitchen Restaurant- another restaurant located at Kempinski Hotel. It has high standards concerning the service and food, and pool-parties can also be organized within the restaurant’s terrace. It is located at National Guest House Compound, Shwe Pyi Taw Win Road in Naypyidaw.
Bangkok Sky- one of the restaurants situated inside the Junction Centre. As the name suggests, Thai food is its specialty, served in a pretty cozy ambient.
Santino Cafe & Restaurant- located at the Hilltop Restaurant, in Thapyay Gone Market, this restaurant has a large range of dishes; from domestic, to Italian, Chinese, Japanese, French, etc.

In Pyinmana

Mr. Chan Music Bar- perhaps the only establishment in Naypyidaw with regular musical events. Live music is played here on most nights, and the management also allows local monks to organize public prayers and other events in the bar.
Plan B- a bar in Pyinmana located at Myo Ma Zee, in the town centre. This bar is similar to the famous Burmese beer stations, which organize football watching nights and happy hours to its customers.

Feel Cafe 7 Restaurant- this cafe is part of chain of bar/cafe/restaurants, called The Feel Group. One of the most popular spots in the town of Pyinmana, serving European and Asian dishes. It is located at the corner of Pann Khinn Street & Yonn Paunn Zone Street in Pyinmana Town.

Nan Sein Cafe- located at Kabar Aye Pagoda Road in Pyinmana, this cafe is slightly more westernized, or internationalized, than most in this township. From Coke to frappes, complemented with mostly local cuisine, this is a really versatile cafe, nice refreshment in the offer of Pyinmana’s cafes.
Mahar Yangon Tea House- a tea house, typical for Myanmar, serving tea as well as food, mostly local and Thai dishes. It also has a stable Wi-Fi connection, which is useful and not so common for Pyinmana.

It would perhaps be useful to mention that there are announcements made by the government that Naypyidaw,. and Pyinmana as its part, will soon get their own karaoke bars and other nightlife establishments. No reason not to believe this, but, for now, these are the places where tourists might find some kind of night-time events.