Being a major crossing point between Thailand and Myanmar, and having a scenic surroundings, Kawthaung offers all kinds of accommodation; from budget hotels and private accommodation to big resorts with gambling rooms, golf courses and swimming pools. All this can be found in just two hotels and four guest rooms in the town itself, but, much more, nearby islands and Merqui Archipelago. Since it is just across the border from Ranong in Thailand, it is perfectly fine to stay in that city, where accommodation is far more modern and there are more options. Here are some hotels and other accommodation in and around Kawthaung.

Myanmar Andaman Resort beach on Macleod Island in the Myeik Archipelago


Hotels and resorts in Kawthaung and Thahtay Kyun Island

Andaman Club Hotel & Resort- this 205-room, 5-star hotel/ resort is located just a few minutes’ boat ride away from Kawtahung on a tropical island called Thahtay Kyun Island. By far the best hotel around Kawthaung. It is actually a resort covering the entire 1,800 acres of the island. Every resource of the island is put for use to the Club’s visitors. It has in its composition a golf course, beautiful beaches, and, what is most unique about it-a casino. This is the only hotel which allows gambling to its visitors in the entire Southeast Asia. Scuba diving on the Red Monkey Island is a great attraction, and it all comes within the offer of this hotel. Spa, snooker, gaming and karaoke rooms are also included. Restaurants and bars with beautiful views of the Andaman Sea are parts of the Club. Of course, all this comes at a price, which is much bigger than in the other nearby hotels, and is around $80 per night, and higher. Booking ahead is a must, since it tends to be sold-out early in the season.
Garden Hotel- this hotel is located near downtown Kawthaung, and is virtually the only regular-type hotel in the town. It has all the usual amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, TV set in rooms, twin beds, etc. It has little more than that, except maybe for a wedding hall. The price is a little more expensive for foreign tourists, reaching from $25 to $40 for a one-night stay.
Penguin Hotel- smaller of the two hotels in Kawthaung, but clean and affordable. It is located in the center of town, some 200 meters away from the pier. The price starts from $12 for a one-night stay. Rooms come with TVs and showers.
Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort – the name comes from its view of the Victoria Cliff, which is an attractive option for having breakfast. It is around 6-7 kilometers north of town. Sunsets are a real picturesque view from this hotel. Certainly the best option to stay at, a walking distance from Kawthaung. Rates start from $40 and go up to $60 per night.
Honey Bear Hotel- located at the beach, this is more a guest house than a hotel. Still, the service, and, more than that, the view, are very good. Rooms are equipped with showers, but hot water tends to run out every once in a while. All things considered, not too bad for $20 per night.
Kawthaung Hotel- located just a short walk from the city center, this is a new hotel in which all staff speaks English and Thai. This makes the service that much better. Rooms are clean and tidy. It is situated on a ridge, so taking a taxi, or tuk tuk is not a bad idea. An over-night stay costs around $25.

For more accommodation options, there are those available in a nearby Myeik City and the Myeik (Merqui) Archipelago

Hotel Grand Jade – Myeik- this hotel is located in the city of Myeik. It is known and recommended for its rooftop view of the surroundings. Complementary breakfast is served, and rooms have Wi-Fi and air-conditions. The price starts at $55 per night.
Pearl Laguna Resort- new hotel, or resort, in Myeik City. It hosts a convention hall, swimming pool and gym. Sunset over the islands is one of the main attractions seen from this resort. Prices for a one-night stay start from $65.
White Pearl Guest House- another guest house in Myeik with two types of rooms: fan rooms and twin rooms. The fan rooms cost around $14 and are pretty comfortable actually, although a little small. The twin rooms cost from $20 and have air-conditions and private bathrooms, as well as a TV set. The guest house also has free Wi-Fi connection.
Eain Taw Phyu Hotel- located 20 minutes on foot from the city center. It features a pool and a small garden. Breakfast and dinner are served within the hotel. The address of the hotel is 42 Kan Phyar Road, and price for a one-night stay is around $65.
Dolphin Guest House- it is located on a main road in Myeik. Room are spacious and it is quiet with excellent view of the islands of the Myeik Archipelago. Prices start at $25 to $35 for a night.
Hotel Kyal Pyan- this B&B is best used a as and over-night stay. There are two types of rooms: fan rooms and twin rooms. The former ones have fans inside, but this night not be very helpful in Burmese hot weather. But, for $10 to $15 that they cost, you can go much worse. The twin rooms are another story. They cost around $25 to $35, and are far more comfortable, plus they have better views.
Myanmar Andaman Resort- this resort is located on the Macleod, or McLeod Island, the only island in the Myeik (Merqui) Archipelago that actually has a hotel, or resort. Unbelievable in deed, bearing in mind that there are over 800 islands in the archipelago. But, this is why it is worth visiting, while it is still an “undiscovered gem” for tourists. Visitors here come mainly for scuba diving, cruising, or simply exploring the archipelago, but the accommodation quality is very good. It could be said with certainty that it is worth a two-hour boat ride from Kawthaung. Bungalows are very nice and spacious, albeit a little dark. Amenities include water heater, refrigerator, and toilet.

There are not too many accommodation options in Kawthaung; perhaps it would be better to book a room or bungalow in some of the hotels or resorts mentioned above which are located outside of the town. Truth to be said, very few tourists do come to Kawthaung to visit the town itself- mostly they want to explore the nearby Myeik Archipelago, or just get a visa so they could stay longer in the neighboring Thailand.