Tangier: Nightlife

Tangier is a popular place for those who love partying at night. The city’s fabulous spots and new trendy places offer a great nightlife. Majority of the local hotels are popular in offering a genuine Moroccan experience. The city offers an inspiring cafe scene. Several legendary cafés are available here including the Café de France, Café de Paris, Café du Détroit, Café de Hafa and Café des Paresseux. These cafes were once visited by popular art and literature personals from the early 20th century. Cafe Hafat offers great view of sunset. All the cafes here provides relaxing environment where you can meet people from different origins. Restaurant Hammadi is well known for dinner and entertainment. The restaurant offers excellent food and belly dance in the evenings.

Majority of the bars and private clubs are located on the busy coast road which are open to the visitors all night. Private parties will be conducted in some of the luxurious villas and big hotels offers piano bars in the evening. Some of the hotels even run casinos. Budget conscious visitors can enjoy international music groups in many pubs. The most passionate revelers can dance until late night in discotheques. Most of the nightlife spots in the city offers a Spanish or South American theme setting.

Sable D’or Bar, situated right on the beach, is one of the most preferred spots for late night fun. The bar offers Moroccan live music in the evenings which attracts tourists and locals as well. Ramada Almohades, located near the ferry terminal, holds an oriental Cabaret, a piano Bar and a disco playing Latin music.