Going out in Rabat: Bars, clubs, nightlife and entertainment

Rabat offers liveliest night scenes when compared to other cities in Morocco. A wide range of traditional and international bars, cafes and nightclubs are available in and around the city. The Old Quarter of Rabat is the place where Moroccans haunt and traditional Moroccan bars and cafes as well as discos situated. Some of the Rabat hotel bars offers overnight live entertainment facilities.

Nightlife in Rabat is very strict. Drinking and advertising the alcohol in any form is offensive within the city limits. But the visitors still have the option to enjoy the drinks by depending on the bars located within the hotels and the fewer number bars located in other places. The best bars of Rabat are in the five star joints, including the Sofitel Diwan, the Rabat Hilton, the Golden Tulip, and La Tour Hassan. Hamilton Traveler's Bar at the Hilton is mainly enjoyable and well known for its selection of live music and entertainments. La Tour Hassan's Le Pacha and La Champagnerie are also excellent places to relax.

There are also places for non-alcoholic fun which centers on cafes and disco-bars. Several cafes are available along Mohammed V and Allal Ben Abdallah Avenues offering a huge selection of non-alcoholic beverages and food. Disco clubs are a general non-alcoholic choice for people who like to enjoy dancing and partying late in the night. Most of the disco clubs are situated between the Rue Patric Lumumba and the Place de Melilla streets.