El Bajito, Mexico: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Guadalajara is considered the cradle of mariachi music and the city’s contributions to Mexican lifestyle include the broad sombrero, Mexican hat dance, tequila and charradas. Among its many attractions number its twin tower cathedral, the regional museum, several colonial palaces housing art galleries and museums, as well as many nice parks and monuments. Guadalajara’s outer neighborhoods produce and sell many traditional wares and high quality pottery. Vast tequila fields cover the area outside the city. Around the city visitors can tour the tequila factory and the country’s largest freshwater lake.


Guanajuato is home to some of Mexico’s best museums, like Museo de las Momias (The Mummy Museum), Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera and Museo Regional de Guanajuato Alhóndiga de Granaditas. The regional museum also marks the place of the first major rebel victory in the Mexican War of Independence. The city is renowned for the annual Festival Cervantino, an international arts festival. Guanajuato also features excellent colonial buildings, colorful houses and tree-filled plazas.


The industrial city of Querétaro has played some important roles in the political history of the country. Querétaro is characterized by charming pedestrian streets and lovely plazas, while offering several nice museums and interesting churches. The well ornate Templo de San Francisco monastery houses Museo Regional de Querétaro.

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi started off as an important mining town which turned into a regional capital, a prosperous industrial and university center. The city’s strong points lay in its colonial architecture. Its charming arks are linked by attractive pedestrian streets and while the San Luis Potosi may not be as striking as Guanajuato, the city’s impressive colonial buildings, theaters and museums make it worthy of a visit.