Acapulco, Mexico: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Guerro, Acapulco is the country’s largest beach and balneario resort. A city that came into prominence in the 1950s, as a party town for Hollywood stars and millionaires, Acapulco remains an important touristic destination for many honeymooners and vacationers to date.

Transportation in the city is very accessible, but most people choose to walk to their destinations.

Modern restaurants serve some of the highest class Mexican dishes, while bistros on the coast prepare fresh shrimps and Acapulco style cheviche. The numerous nightlife establishments play live music until sunrise, while resorts littering the city’s surroundings offer comfortable accommodation, tours and excursions.

The city’s image did not remain unscathed, however. Over the years tourism took a beating due to Mexico’s violent drug war and the city suffered more in 2013, when it was hit by Hurricane Manuel. These days, the city is safe again. The beautiful landscape that attracted so many in the past has not changed and remains one of the city’s top allures.