Ipoh, Malaysia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Ipoh, which is the capital city of the state of Peral, is the third largest city in Malaysia . Ipoh is used to be known as being the center of the tin industry in the history. The city is growing to become a well known tourist destination in the world. The historical buildings surrounding the city such as the Railway Station, the Town Hall and the Court house; the restored shops; cafes; restaurants and the welcoming locals attract more tourists to the city every year.  Also its variety of accomodation from hostels to luxury hotels offers a great chance for every people to come and visit the city. The tropical rainforest climate continues throughout the year so there is a chance to visit the city in every month of the year. It is possible to reach the city by car, train, plain, and bus. The cheapest way to reach the city is by bus.

One of the famous things about the city is its delicious local dishes. Many people visit the area to taste the famous old town white coffee. In addition, the city is well known with the dishes such as Sar Hor Fun, Nga Choi Kai, Hakka Mee, Heong Peng and salted chicken.

Moreover, the people are offered to do a wide range of sports which are white water rafting, caving, jumgle trekking and golf. Especially, there are many golf centers around the city which also gives the opportunity for a golfing holiday.

In sum, Ipoh is one of the best places to visit by travelers who are looking for a relaxing or an adventerous holiday along with excellent food, people and historical places.