Day Trips, Outings or Excursions From Seoul, Korea

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There are lots of other parts of South Korea that can be reached with just a day trip from Seoul. But some need a longer amount of stay to be able to feel the vibe of the place. There are tons of organized tours that visitors can join for a fun outing or excursion.


Several side trip options include enjoying a ski trip in Gangwon-do, seeing Icheon’s kilns, Suwon’s ancient fortress and traditional villages or just simply hike in the country’s national parks. All these and more with Seoul as the base location can be highly convenient.


This day trip destination is a must for all foodie fanatics particularly for grilled delicacies and black bean noodle dish called jajjangmyeon. It also used to be the home of the Chinese immigrants making it the city’s Chinatown. It is filled with a strip of vendors of snacks and souvenirs along with several art galleries.


This is located in the northern part of Seoul and described by many artists as the most beautiful village on Earth. It also has tons of museums, restaurants, book stores and café establishments to cater even to the not so artistic types. It would only take around an hour and a half to travel to Paju from Seoul.

Yeongjong Island

This is the place to reach for those in search of a good break hanging out in a hot spring or beach. The place offers the most relaxing and refreshing sea breezes in the country.


Lying on the eastern part of Seoul, this city is perfect for nature lovers and also in need to breathe some fresh air. It boasts of the idyllic Nami Island which can be a nice place for picnics and easy biking with its nature paths that are lined with trees. Do not ever miss tasking their most popular dish called dakgalbi. It is made out of stir-fried chicken and veggies with a spice sauce.

This is also a popular location for many Korean movies and dramas and can be easily accessed via subway from the city of Seoul.


This southern city is suggested to serve as a weekend trip with Seoul as based to enjoy what it has to offer. Any visitor can eat at the Jagalchi Fish Markets, visit Haeundae Beach, Busan Aquarium, or the Jangsan Mountain and shop at the Shinsegae Centum City.


Apart from being one of the satellite cities of Seoul, Suwon is also known to be the location of a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the Hwaseong Fortress. The place is also popular for the Suwon Samsung Bluewings football club with tons of restaurants serving the galbi dish. The trip through the commuter train will only take about half an hour.


Numerous tourists take the time to do a day trip to this place due to its most popular attractions that range from the Korean Folk Village, Everland, and Hwaseong Haenggung.


This is yet another place for a not so near day trip but considered to be one of the perfect places to witness the cherry blossoms during spring. It also serves as home to the Naval Academy and the venue for the yearly Jinhae Naval Festival which commemorates one of the leading heroes of Korea, Admiral Yi Sun-shin.


The place is not just popular for its interesting mud festival but also for its three-kilometer long Daecheon Beach. There are tons of restaurants that sell seafood located along the shore. The Daecheon Fish Market is also just five minutes away from the beach side.


Enjoy a nice picnic spot for the whole family at the Pocheon Art Valley. It is home to numerous sculptures and many other art installations, making the place a favorite spot for those selfie fanatics. Drop by the Deulmusae restaurant which serves traditional Korean food on plates that are shaped like genitals.

During spring time, Pocheon’s Herb Island is pleasant to visit especially with its beautiful gardens and charming shops and restaurants. Others find it creepy when they visit it during the rest of the seasons.

Nami Island

The place has been a popular tourist destination not just because it is the resting place of the late General Nami but because it was the location of the hit Korean novella ‘Winter Sonata.’ It offers bikes for rent or maybe opt to take the electric car tour. It also comes with a tiny theme park that has cute rides like the merry go rounds.

Demilitarized Zone or DMZ

Despite the notorious border conflicts of the North and South Korea, the DMZ has risen to become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Both local and foreign visitors alike must visit the place via an official tour. Ask for permission before capturing any photos.