Seoul, Korea: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Seoul is considered the most vibrant place in South Korea aside from being known as the capital city. It is where the heart of Korea lies especially when it comes to the celebration of its modern and ancient culture. 

The city does not just offer the most modern of architectural skyscrapers but also of historical sites from the palaces and down to the tons of temples and gardens it has. It also does not lack when it comes to areas concentrated for a memorable nightlife, shopping and dining experience.

It can be a dizzying city especially with all the flashing lights and markets that go alive in its modern parts that attract numerous locals and tourists all the same.


Places To See and Things To Do

With Seoul’s background on the line of business, art and politics, the city is not surprisingly a true paradise to visit by any traveler. It has tons of palaces and temples to offer as its primary attractions especially that of the famed Gyeongbokgung. There is also the Namsangol Hanok Maeul where traditional houses are relocated to also serve the purpose of a one of a kind open air museum.

The artistic side of Seoul can be found within the galleries located at the Samcheongdong district or watch the classic Korean dance tradition in its theaters.

Seoul also has a lot to offer to the younger generation of locals and visitors in the line of pop culture, fashion trends, shopping and of course the nightlife entertainment.

Eat out in various restaurants to get a taste of the famous Korean dishes like bibimbap with kimchi or rest in their classic sauna or spa spots called the jimjilbang.

Nightlife Spots In Seoul, Korea

Seoul is a fun place to be in for those looking for a vibrant nightlife adventure. They have a little something to offer to any traveler whether you are in for coffee, clubbing, bars, casinos, teahouses, night markets, movie theaters and of course the ever popular karaoke.

Day Trips, Outings or Excursions From Seoul, Korea

There are lots of other parts of South Korea that can be reached with just a day trip from Seoul. But some needs a longer amount of stay to be able to feel the vibe of the place. There are tons of organized tours that visitors can join for a fun outing or excursion.

Several side trip options include enjoying a ski trip in Gangwon-do, seeing Icheon’s kilns, Suwon’s ancient fortress and traditional villages or just simply hike in the country’s national parks. All these and more with Seoul as the base location can be highly convenient.

Seoul, Korea Lodging Accommodations For All Types Of Budget

Finding a place to stay in Seoul, Korea can be enjoyable and challenging all at the same time. This may be for the mere reason that the city offers a wide range of lodging accommodations for all kinds of budget whether you are in for some backpacker’s type of lodging, the middle priced accommodations or the high end elite hotels around the city.

Top Transport Modes to Get Around Seoul, Korea

Seoul’s central attractions can be easily explored even through walking alone. It is nice to go by foot especially when the traffic jams get rough which is already too common to happen in the city.

However, just like countries like Japan or China, Seoul can be easily explored through main transport modes of the subway, taxi, buses, or even car or bicycle rentals.