Jeonju, Korea

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Jeonju is a provincial capital of North Jeolla in South Korea and has established itself to be a popular city of agriculture for its might produce. It has been the site of many martyrs of the Roman Catholic religion during the ancient Joseon Dynasty and used to be the venue of the movement of Donghak peasants way back in 1894.

It is also renowned of where the famous Korean culinary dish was born, the Bibimbap which is a combination of vegetables, egg, meat, rice and some kimchi. Its folk village contains tons of amazing hanok homes made out of traditional wood material along with other vintage looking museums, teahouses and artistic workshops.

Day Trips, Excursions, Outings in Jeonju

Jeonju is a good starting point to travel to Busan and other neighboring cities since a lot of buses are available on a regular basis. They can be found at the river side, particularly the intercity and the express bus terminal.

Anyone can also choose to visit Gwangju by taking a bus ride that will last for about an hour and 20 minutes.

Accommodation Options To Choose From In Jeonju

The usual kind of accommodation options that visitors can settle for in Jeonju is the traditional living experience in the hanok. However, there are also a couple of others that domestic and international travelers can choose from.

The first one is the Jeonju Guesthouse which offers bed and breakfast type of lodging along with dormitory beds that total to about 35, separating the male and female. It also interestingly comes with a roof deck area where barbecuing is allowed. Many foreign tourists love this place since it has English speaking staffs and offers free internet service.

Jeonju also has a jjimjilbang establishment in Lespia. It is very cozy just like the usual Korean saunas in the country and available for 24 hours.

Nightlife Spots To Explore in Jeonju

Nightlife in Jeonju can be best discovered right outside its huge national university, the Jeonbuk Dae Hakyo. It is where hundreds of bar and restaurant establishments can be visited, certain to offer something for someone’s preferred kind of place to hang out at night. Some of the popular foreign bars in town include the Mexico, Tombstone, Art & Travel, J.R.’s Saloon, and a lot more.

Best Things To Do In Jeonju

With Jeonju setting a place for reviewing Korean history, a delectable culinary status plus all its vibrant artistry, it certainly has a gamut to offer especially when it is about finding the best things to do in the city.

Here are some of the top best things to do in Jeonju:

Hanok Village – It is so nice to check out dozens of the Korean traditional houses that still live in the area. There are ancient houses which feature various the genuine culture of Koreans like paper making and liquor making.

Bibimbap – Never miss tasting the best bibimbap in the entire country by trying it out here in Jeonju. One of the most popular restaurants that offer that in town is the Gajeok Hwaegwan. The establishment does not anymore offer a menu since it only serves the steaming bowl of bibimbap along with other tasty side dishes.

Ohmockdae – Visit this small hill that has a traditional Korean house right on top of it. It is very near the Hanok Village and can best be seen during nighttime.

Makgeolli – In Jeonju, the Makgeolli is not just considered an alcoholic drink but more as food too. The fermented rice wine is known to have high protein content packed with 10 amino acids and even lacto bacillus. They are served in metal kettles along with tons of side dishes.

Gaeksa Building – Created in 1471, the structure of Gaeksa can be found right in the center of the city. It is the place where honor rituals to the king are held and serves as meeting venue for senior men of the city.

Jeonju International Film Festival – The city is also renowned for its yearly International Film Festival more commonly known as JIFF which happens every last week of the month of April. Film fanatics, critics, actors and directors from all parts of the world attend the event and the entire film street simply comes alive.

Deokjin Park – This can be found near Jeonbuk University where Changpo herbs can be seen along with a bridge right on the pond. Visitors can also choose to ride the duck boat and at night enjoy the musical and lighted fountain presentation.

Finally, visit three famous museums in Jeonju namely the Hansol Paper Museum, Jeonju National Museum and the Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum.

Transportation Modes in Jeonju

Jeonju has a very impressive public bus system. There are also taxis and the Sheeway Bus Terminal is where travelers can ride buses if they intend to go to the mountains and other nearby cities of Korea.

There are some attractions that can be reached only by walking since some of them are not so distant from each other. It is the traditional Hanok village plus the city’s train station that need some time to reach.