Going out in Incheon: Bars, clubs, nightlife and entertainment

Incheon is more than just a beautiful port city but also comes with a lively nightlife and a haven for culinary fanatics. It is also within the Bupyeong and Arts Centre that the primary sections for grabbing the best food and drinks can be found. Apart from local Korean restaurants, there are some western establishments too perfect for foreign visitors and travelers.

O’Malley’s Irish Pub – This is a sports bar lying on the outskirts of the Square. Even if they are the hangout spot for westerners, there are lots of Koreans who hang out in the place.

Rio’s Western Bar – Here is another western style sports bar found at the Arts Center and most often packed with lots of foreigners. Its regular customers are usually English teachers in the local neighborhood since its location is a bit hidden.

Mad Max – Yet another western styled bar but has not been deemed popular lately like it used to be when it was known for their great rum-coke drink.

The Shine – This is for the ones who have enough money to spend since the ambiance is quite of high class category. However, their food and drinks are still considered reasonably priced.

N’s Pub – They offer affordable drinks like beer but note that they do not sell soju in their small but comfortable place.

Chunnyue Sarang – Located right on top of Songdo hilltop hotel street, the place is known for serving the best of original snack, tea and wine of Koreans.

Cheap Shots – This is another western bar where the best craft beer can be found but at a higher price tag. It is also unique with its offering of a rooftop seating.

Woodstock – This is a tiny bar but is a popular place for meeting up both locals and foreigners in the place.

Goose Goose – This is another favorite nightlife spot in the Incheon neighborhood and consistently enjoys a crowd every Saturday night. It offers a type of pub jukebox where it runs iTunes.

Jet Lagged Lizard – This is an Irish pub situated near the Incheon Airport making it the favorite hangout place of flight crews and attendants.

Incheon’s Chinatown area is of course the go-to place for those in search of some local Chinese food. Right on the edge of it is the Fog City where many western dining establishments can be found.

In Yeonsugu district, there are also nice places to hang out in like the Liquor Burger and the SongDo International City.