Incheon, Korea: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea and also called as Inchon. It became popular for being the landing site of General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War and renders one of ports to the west right along the Yellow Sea. It also serves as the location of the new international airport of the country made on Yeongjong Island.Off its coast, there are still islands which are not occupied with people. On the other hand, there are many residents of Incheon who go to Seoul either on an everyday basis or during the weekends.

Day Trips, Excursions, Outings in Incheon

The Incheon International Airport is a popular starting point for many travelers to have a chance to visit Seoul on a day trip, especially when they have a long layover time to wait on. There are also city day tours that offer travel adventures to visitors from Incheon Port to the central part of Seoul.

Accommodation Options To Choose From In Incheon

There are many accommodation options that can be found around and near the Incheon International Airport. Many visitors opt for these establishments since it is conveniently located from the airport, taking just about ten minutes away by bus. They are the perfect hotels to settle for especially for those who arrive very late at night or when just stopping over for 24 hours.

Nightlife Spots To Explore in Incheon

Incheon is more than just a beautiful port city but also comes with a lively nightlife and a haven for culinary fanatics. It is also within the Bupyeong and Arts Centre that the primary sections for grabbing the best food and drinks can be found. Apart from local Korean restaurants, there are some western establishments too perfect for foreign visitors and travelers.

Best Things To Do and Places To See In Incheon

The city of Incheon has a gamut of interesting things to do and scenic spots to see for any of its locals and visitors alike. Here is a list that anyone can serve as a reliable reference point for anyone who wants to explore the amazing city of Incheon with attractions like the Incheon Grand Park, Eurwangni Beach, Sinpo Market, etc.

Transportation Modes in Incheon

There are three major transportation modes in the city of Incheon: subway, bus and taxis