Nightlife in Astana, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Even though Astana seems as a conservative city, the nightlife is great there. There are many nightclubs and bars where you can find the music that suits your soul.

The nightclubs are usually empty before 12 am and most of them stay open until 4 am. You need to make sure that you are fashionably dressed or you might not be able to get in.

The most popular clubs in Astana currently are The Chocolate Room, Azhur and Salvador Dali.

The Chocolate Room is set along the Yessil River and it is a great place for a party. The Azhur has been renovated and it is now more luxurious and more relaxed than The Chocolate Room. The Salvador Dali is the newest of the three and it is a great place to dance and party until morning.

You can usually see Go-Go dancers in the nightclubs. The nightclubs are not really expensive but make sure that you have enough money with you.