Kyoto, Japan

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Kyoto in Japan is a must see destination with having been the ancient capital of Japan back then. Packed with about a 1.4 million populace, its place is abundant in temples, shrines and relaxing gardens that tell their cultural and historical roots.

They impressively house a total of 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and considered an ideal starting travel point to other parts of Japan like Kobe, Osaka and Nara. It boasts of a wide variety of experiences to offer especially revolving around shopping and cuisine, not to mention its castles, palaces plus the geishas.

Places to See and Things To Do

Kyoto overflows with natural scenic attractions plus tons of historical landmarks. Some of the most popular names to search for include the Nijo Castle, Heian Shrine, Shugakuin palaces, etc. The list can be deemed endless when the topic is about their palaces, shrines, temples and their main city sites.

For shopping needs, the antique markets of Kitano Tenmangu and Toji are not to be missed along with the Nishjin Textile Center. The Yoijama Festival is proven to be a magical experience for any tourists or locals alike.

Notable museums include the Miho Museum which is near the Shiga prefecture and the Lake Biwa Aqueduct Museum among many others.

Nightlife Spots

The nightlife entertainment of Kyoto is usually concentrated around the center of the city, around the places of Kiyamachi, Shijo or even Sanjo. The nightclubs around town are not too numerous but it only takes a train ride to Osaka to enjoy a hip clubbing experience close to what Tokyo can offer.

Never miss getting to try the famous Sake drink!

Where To Stay

Expect a wide array of lodging accommodations offered by the city of Kyoto that will fit all kinds of budget. The rates can go as expensive as those for the five star hotel categories, go midway with the business hotels or save a lot with the ryokan or minshuku types of lodges that can also render an authentic Japanese home experience.

It is within the area around Kyoto Station is where many of the hotels are strategically located and concentrated. It is the most ideal place to select for the accommodation that will get you a good starting base for any bus or train ride.

Outings and Day Trips

Kyoto offers attractions that are not just within their city location. It also serves as base to many other spots worth exploring without having to travel too far. Go on day trips to reach and enjoy other memorable spots like the Himeji castle, the ninjas’ home at Miho Museum, Otsu’s temples, Mount Hiei, the tiny village of Kurama, or taste the best tea in Japan by dropping by Uji.

Getting Around

Kyoto has the basic transportation modes of trains, subway, buses, and bicycles. However, no one is assured to get directions right the first time around. Tourists and foreign travelers are advised to visit the Kurage and Hyperdia websites to learn and be familiar with the routes around Kyoto.