Kobe, Japan

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Kobe is a chic and cosmopolitan city situated on a vast stretch in the middle of forest filled hills and its harbor colored with blue-gray waters. Its laid back ambiance makes it such a pleasant city to visit or reside in both for tourists and locals.

With its tons of attractions and vibrant food and nightlife scene, the Japanese city has become a perfect place to be in, especially for those who also plan to visit nearby cities of Osaka or Kyoto. The city has definitely regained its beauty after being rebuilt after it suffered from a severely damaging earthquake way back in 1995.

Places to See and Things To Do

The Kitano-cho section of Kobe is where most of the trendy looking cafes and other boutiques can be found just by merely strolling. It is also the home of a new mosque along with the Jain temple. On the other hand, the Chinatown part of Kobe is at the western part of Sannomiya.

The city’s commercial center is where some popular landmarks can be found like the Kobe City Hall, the Kobe City Museum, and even the Daimaru Department Store. Traveling to Rokko Island will offer a chance to visit the Kobe Fashion Museum.

Other notable places to visit are the Meriken Park, the Harbor Land, Kobe Misaki Wing Stadium, and the Kobe Maritime Museum among others.

Nightlife Spots

It is within the areas of Motomachi, Kitano and Sannomiya that the nightlife spots and best authentic cuisine of Kobe can be experienced. Never ever miss out on the highly deemed Kobe beef.

Numerous foreign travelers love the wide array of the finest of international restaurants present in Kobe to better serve its fusion of people and race like the Chinese and Indians as well.

Where To Stay

The city of Kobe offers all the fitting accommodations for any kind of budget. It is within Sannomiya that most of the hotels can be located near the railway station. There are popular chain hotels to select from or the international hotels that are of Western style but may have high costs.

Outings and Day Trips

There is a good number of nearby attractions that travelers can visit and see through short day trips. Good examples of these are the Himeji which only takes about 40 minutes to reach the most beautiful castle in the entire Japan via train. Another is the Awaji Island which can be reached through Express Bus for a 2 hour travel time. Other worthwhile places to note for an excursion include the Suma, Arima Onsen, Kurashiki, Nishinomiya, etc.

Getting Around

The heart of the city can be easily explored by simply walking on foot. However, the Kobe subway is one of the most useful transport modes for easy transfer. There is also the tourist friendly Kobe City Loop along with the rest of its main means of transportation like the Ropeway to Mount Rokko, an organized bus system, the Port Liner, and the trains.