Pisa, Italy: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Piazza del DuomoThe Leaning Tower by NightPiazza del DuomoCity ViewArno River

It is a historic town in Tuscany, near the mouth of the Arno river and it is strategically located in the central part of Italy. Pisa is best known for the world famous Leaning Tower and the city is a very  famous tourist attraction. However, people usually make the mistake of only seeing the Leaning tower and missing the other architectural and artistic marvels of the city. The city doesn’t have a birthdate  and it was founded in one of the great bays along the Arno River. Pisa became one of the seafaring Republics and had an invincible maritime power.The city became a capital of cultural importance and gave birth to illustrious names like Galileto and Leonardo Fibonacci. The half hour walk from the Campo dei Miracoli to the train station runs through a pedestrian street with such interesting sights, shops and restaurants. The best way to explore the city is by walking the streets because the city center is already small.

The city is also a universtiy city and animated by students. There are parties, shows and cultural events organized by the students. The university of Pisa has 60,000 students . It is also a safe city except for some zone at night including the ara sorrounding the station. Pisa can be hot and crowded in summer, especially the area where the cathedral and tower is. Therefore, the best time to visit Pisa is during spring and fall.  On the other hand, for the ones who want to visit Pisa in Summer, the recommendation would be to join the Luminara Festival that was hold on June 16th. At sunset, all the lights along the Arno are dimmed and more than 10,000 are lit which creat spectacular sights from Ponte di Mezzo.