Naples, Italy: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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thumb italy naples coast from high above

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Being the third biggest city of the Italy makes it to become one of the most important tourist destinations in Italy. The Greeks found Naples between the 6th and 7th centuries and named it as Neapolis that means the new city. It is located between the volcano, Vesuvius and the volcanic are, the Campi Flegrei. The historic centre of Naples is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site and also is protected by UNESCO. With the combination of history, art and food Naples can be considered as a dangerous city but with a little bit of caution, it can be seen that there are plenty things to enjoy. There are many historical and artistic places to visit. Also, there is a chance to eat pizza where it is originated in. Moreover, its closeness to the other biggest cities of Italy is an advantage for tourists who want to see multiple places. The language of the city is Italian however, the local people are most likely know English or French. So there won't be any need to speak Italian. The transportation can be provided by the plane, bus and cars. The best time to visit Naples is in the months of spring and fall.