Florence, Italy: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Cradle of the Renaissance. Capital of the beautifully landscaped Tuscany Region. One of the most important fashion cities in the fashion state- Italy. Florence is all of this, as well as a modern and vibrant city, with numerous museums and palaces to visit and even more bars, restaurants and clubs for those who like active vacations.

Arno River at daytimeBicycle leaning on the fence in a macadam street of FlorenceMichelangelo's David at Academia GalleryFlorence at night-timeFrontal view of Pitti PalaceOutside corridor of the Uffizi GalleryFresco of The Last Judgement in the Duomo


It is hard to list all of the monuments, buildings, landmarks and the Renaissance masterpieces that this city has jealously preserved for centuries to remind us of how important it was for the modern civilization.
From Michelangelo’s David, the most famous piece of Renaissance art and most famous statue in the world to this day, through the large palaces, now mostly turned into museums, such as the Duomo Complex, the Uffizi Gallery, or Palazzo Vecchio, Florence houses everything a history savvy visitor would ever want to see. Florence is an eternal inspiration for many writers and Hollywood producers, due to its remarkable historic sites which are still in excellent shape.

View from Emerald Palace Hostel windowStatues at Accademia GalleryInside the Palazzo VecchioTower of Palazzo VecchioAerial view of the Duomo ComplexLawn and building of the DuomoSculptures at the entrance of the Palazzo VecchioExhibition at Palazzo Vecchio



Modern day city

Beside being one of the Europe’s most important historic cities, Florence is also a modern, busy city, the capital of the Tuscany Region. As a administrative center of Tuscany, it plays an important role in Italy’s political life. It is also home to one of the most famous Italian soccer, or football teams- Fiorentina. World famous fashion designers consider it the second most important fashion center in Italy, right after Milano. No wonder, since the first ever fashion shows in Italy were held in this city in the 1950’s.
Its many parks and gardens make it a great place to spend a restful vacation for those who are tired of city bustles.

With all of these features wrapped into one place, it is not surprising that Florence is a dream destination for millions of tourists every year.

Busy night at Losverso barLosverso bars's window signOutside sitting area of Fusion barLe Volpi e L'uva bar entranceLe Volpi e Luva bar's wine selectionTrident fisher sculpture at Boboli GardensGiardino dell'Iris park