Iran: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Iran is a large country in the Middle East which borders with Iraq, Turkey, Naxcivan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its seashore spreads on the Caspian Sea. The capital of Iran is Tehran.

Iran is rich with amazing tourist attractions which are worth a visit. There are a number of ancient villages and cities, such as Meimand which is believed to be one of the earliest remaining places of human habitation. There are also many palaces which will bring you back in history and will allow you to feel history's spirit. There are also a number if tombs of famous people, such as the tomb of Avicenna or Cyrus the Great. And for the ones who just love to go on long walks, Iran is filled with amazing park where one can enjoy nature.

Iran is very rich with culture and history and is definitely a great tourist attraction for people who love the ancient times.