Manado, Indonesia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Have a holiday to remember with a trip to the exotic capital of the North Sulawesi province, Manado. Filled with countless attractions, Manado is the hub of eco-tourism in Indonesia. The city is surrounded by mountains, providing a lush and picturesque view from all locations.

When you’re in Manado, make sure to experience some of the best activities the place has to offer. Manado is one of the most popular spots in Indonesia for snorkeling and diving. But that’s not all. Surrounding the city are amazing adventures at Tangkoko-Batuangas Dua Saudara Nature Reserve, the Lembeh Strait, Tomohon and Bunaken. The city also features an excess of shopping malls. So make sure to buy some souvenirs while you’re around.

Manado also boasts free activities such as trips to nearby volcanoes including the Klabat Volcano and the Klabat Volcano. Have a rich experience with trips to the fascinating coconut and coffee plantations, the highland lake Tondano, hot springs and primitive above-ground burial sites.

Don’t miss the intriguing Bunaken National Marine Park, which is renowned for its scenic beauty. The Park is made up to five islands: Nain, Montehage, Siladen, Manado Tua and Bunaken. It is an extremely popular location for drift dives that let you experience breath-taking schools of coral fish while gliding along green sea turtles, barracudas and sea fans.

Don’t forget to indulge in some history while in Manado. Visit the North Sulawesi Provincial Museum, which boasts 2,426 artifacts, featuring cultures from Minahasa, Manado and other places in the province including Gorontalo, Mongondow, Talaud and more. Another must-see museum is the Waruga Museum, which shows a compilation of objects such as necklaces, bracelets and rings found from the Waruga tombs.

Experience the rich culture of Manado by booking a tour such as the Bunaken Tour & Travel Company, which specializes in tours around Maluku, Papua and Sulawesi. The Mapanget Mega Wisata is another company that offers incredible tours in and around Manodo.

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