Manado, a wildlife preserve in Indonesia
One of the most striking things about Indonesia is the capacity of a teeming nation with over 270 million people to co-exist with nature in all its variants. Indonesia is a teeming pot of life of humans and plants, fish and wildlife as well as birds. When visiting Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi, a province of Indonesia.
This fascinating place was a key player in the history of trade between Europe and Asia during the domination of Portugal and later Spain of Indonesia. Later on, in 1658 the Dutch built a fortress and the city became a Dutch colony until 1942. It was invaded by the Japanese in the battle of Manado.
Today Manado is a tourist destination and receives tourists coming in from International Sam Ratulangi Airport. This city is not very large and has a population of around half a million people. An interesting place to visit is the port of Manado and watch the fishermen bring in their catch.
For those interested in archaeology and ancient structures a visit to Watu Pinawetengan is a good idea. Here one can see a Paleolithic large 4 meter by 2 meter high stone which is a relic from the times when the leaders of the Minahasan tribes negotiated territorial division, peace, war against common enemies and other treaties. The Stone carving are pictographs which to this day are undecipherable.
Besides its volcanic black sand beaches, Manado is about 6 kms away from the Tangkoko Nature Reserve which is well worth visiting to see endemic creatures and vegetation in a wildly tropical area. This Nature Reserve is in North Sulawesi, in the region of Bitung. Here one can see black macaques which are native to Sulawesi, other native animals are the tarier and cuscus (not the stuff they eat in Morocco!), there are beautiful maleo birds and red knobbed hornbills. This reserve is vitally important to protect these endemic species. When visiting this nature park it is advisable to wear clothes that dry quickly because of humidity and also wear long sleeved shirts and blouses as well as long trousers, tuck the cuffs of trousers into one´s socks to prevent leeches and mosquito bugs. Be relaxed and leisurely and it is best to explore in groups of no more than 5 people so as not to frighten the creatures. Take your time to become aware of the surroundings. Notice the slight changes in sounds and try to stay close to trees bearing fruit as the birds will eventually approach them to eat and be visible. Don´t try to feed any of the creatures, the monkeys may look sweet and tame but they are wild animals and do bite and transmit diseases. Other interesting things are the plants and flowers. The best time to visit this park is early in the morning which is when wildlife starts stirring and feeding.


Other things to do in Manado are walking around the city which is clean and prosperous.
Most tourists enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation and this can be a good idea especially during hot hours of the day. In Manado one can visit the Museum of North Sulawesi Province which was opened in 1991 and has a large collection of items and artifacts pertaining to the local culture, its history and arts. The museum is in a three story building with many exhibits. This is a good place to get to know Manado at a glance.
Ok, the first thing one should do when arriving in Manado is visit a few monuments such as the Ban Hin Klong temple which is the oldest Chinese temple dating back to the Qing Dynasty and it is quite suitably located in the Chinatown district of Manado and it is still a place of worship for Tridharma followers of Manado and nearby areas.
Near Manado is the famous Bunaken diving spot where people go to snorkel and enjoy the paradisiacal beaches there. However, Manado has plenty of interesting things of its own. One of these is the Kelabat Mountain which can be a challenge for mountain climbers.Title

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