Going out in Manado: Bars, clubs, night life and entertainment

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Manado is a well to do city in Indonesia. It has around half a million inhabitants which are mostly Christian and there are around 20 churches in the city. The night life is limited to a few bars that are nice and comfortable and there is a few night clubs that are visited by locals and expats living in the area. Manado has two cinemas, one is in Mantos and the other is in Kampung Cina. The Studio 21 Cinema is the newest one in Manado and shows Western films with Indonesian subtitles.

A fun thing that the Manadonese do is called "carlotta" which is talking non-stop to each other.

Places to go out at night are a bit limited in this town but one can visit the Ha Ha Café which is on the top floor of Mega Mall. This is a huge place that is reminiscent of an airplane hangar and gets filled up with young people on week-ends. This is a fun place to go on a week-end after spending the day snorkelling or mountain climbing. Another fun place to go out at night is the Styx which features large tv screens showing sports events, it is best visited for a few beers on a Saturday.

Live shows can be seen in Gacho which is right near Mega Mall and is a pool bar. The prices for drinks here are kind of expensive but that is because there is a live band.

Mapia Resort is a beach bar complex with a large pool in the garden, tasty food and good scuba diving. Relax at the pool in the evening and enjoy a cocktail here.

One of the most entertaining things that people can do in Manado at night is go to a discotheque like Hollywood Café where there is live music from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. This is an okay place for girls to go to.

Corner Café is another interesting place to go out at night in Manado and it can be found in Complex Bahu Mall. It is open from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. and Wednesday is ladies day with Thursdays being a fantastic Latino Fiesta day.

A recommended place to visit is a karaoke in Manaos called Inul Vista Karaoke which is open in the afternoons and closes late at night.
One thing to consider is that local etiquette requires wearing nice clothes to night clubs and pubs so dress correctly and avoid shorts, t-shirts or sandals. Most discotheques open from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. and Saturday is the best day to go.

An interesting place to start the evening is to go to Hooks, a restaurant featuring live music with dancing. This place becomes very lively on Saturday nights with local residents and expats coming out to have a night on the town. This is a clean and nice place to go to. Here there is no dress code so it is okay to come in t-shirts and shorts with sandals.Title