Manado, Indonesia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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 Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi located at the Bay of Manado. It is a well to do city in Indonesia. The city has around half a million inhabitants which are mostly Christian and there are around 20 churches in the city. Filled with countless attractions, Manado is the hub of eco-tourism in Indonesia, which is divided into 11 districts. It is a city with stunning underwater landscape and great mountain panorama, unique authentic culture, and mouthwatering cuisines. The city extended its tourism industry as it hosted the World Ocean Conference in 2008. The event confirmed that Manado is not just a world class diving destination but also a center for marine science research and marks Manado as one of Indonesia’s MICE destinations.

When you’re in Manado, make sure to experience some of the best activities the place has to offer. Manado is one of the most popular spots in Indonesia for snorkeling and diving. Although a tourism center with countless attractions by day, the nightlife is limited to a few bars that are nice and comfortable. There are a few night clubs that are visited by locals and expats living in the area. Some of the bars are located at the high-end hotels. There are a lot of hotels from luxurious to budgeted that are located at the streets of the city. A good idea is to stay in Manado, which is more economical than the beach resorts in the nearby islands. The hotels are also hosting few tours and excursions to the nearby places at the outskirts of the city or affiliated with the tour companies and operators.



Get In

Manado is quite far from the rest of Indonesia and most visitors arrive by plane. The Sam Ratulangi Airport caters domestic flights and international flights from Singapore with visa on arrival. Although flights from Jakarta and Singapore are the most frequent ones, there are also flights from Surabaya in East Java, Balikpapan in Kalimantan, Denpasar in Bali, Ternate in North Maluku, and Sorong in Papua.

From the airport, there are taxis that would take visitors to the city center. Other forms of public transport and car rentals are also available to get around the city.