Bogor, Indonesia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Bogor is a city located in the province of West Java at around 60 kilometers south of Jakarta and 85 kilometers northwest of Bandung. It spreads over a basin set against the volcanic backdrop of Mount Salak at about 12 kilometers south and Mount Gede at about 25 kilometers southeast of the city. The city has an average elevation of 265 meters above sea level. Bogor has uneven terrain: the northern part is relatively flat, while the southern part is hilly. There are several rivers that flow through the city including the Ciliwung and Cisadane rivers. The weather in Bogor us very humid but cool with frequent rainfalls.

In the Middle Age, the city was called “Pakuan Pajajaran”, the capital of the Sunda Kingdom. During the Dutch Colonial Era, it was named “Buitenzorg”, which means “without a care in Dutch, and served as the summer residence of the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies. Nowadays, it is an important economic, scientific, cultural, and tourist center. The city is also considered as a mountain resort with very rich vegetation. It was dubbed as “The Rain City” because of the frequent showers that are ideal in the profuse, interesting, and beautiful vegetation. The most popular landmark of the city is the Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor), a venerable botanic garden founded in 1817 by the Dutch Colonial Government. Apart from the thousands of plant species found in the Botanical Garden, it is also housing the neoclassical landmark, Istana Bogor or Bogor Palace, and the Bogor Zoology Museum. The city has a nice trace of its culture as it has a large number of museums and other attractions.



Get In

For tourists who want to get in by plane, the nearest airport is the international airport in Jakarta, the Soekarno-Hatta Airport. The travel time between Jakarta and Bogor is 1 hour and 30 minutes. There are direct buses from Jakarta the airport to Bogor that usually have a fare of 4 USD. The buses are convenient and comfortable. Aside from the buses, there are also taxis that could take tourists to Bogor for 25 USD.

Another option is to get in by train. The trains depart from Jakarta's Kota Station every 20 to 30 minutes. Aside from the train going straight to Bogor from Jakarta, you can take a train to Depok. This is a less crowded frequent train that allows passengers to be comfortable. From Depok, you can ride the train going to Bogor with only 4 stops away. The tickets are cheap and could only cost less than a dollar.