Getting around Udaipur

The city is relatively small and there are a lot of means of transportations there.


Buses go regularly and are the most popular mean of transportation. They are rather cheap.

On Foot:

Udaipur is quite a pedestrian city (concerning the main tourist attractions). Most attractions can be visited on foot. The traffic is often slow because of the traffic jams and the narrow streets.


This city is not so crowded and traffic is not as crazy as in big cities. So, it is a very nice option to go bike riding there. Make your sightseeing more free and relaxing by cycling around.

Auto rickshaws:

There are a lot of such options in Udaipur. It is important to bargain for the good price and discuss the price before the trip.


One can easily hail a taxi on the street or call a radio taxi. It is possible to hire a cab for the whole day or even more and go sightseeing. If the driver doesn't have a meter, the tourist should bargain for the price before the journey.